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Naked Security Live – Beware ‘Flubot’: the home delivery scam with a difference

by Paul Ducklin This home delivery scam arrives in an SMS that lures you to a website, but then instead of stealing your data directly via the phoney website, it sweet-talks you into installing an app… …and the app steals your data later on: Watch directly on YouTube if the . . . Read more

Naked Security Live – How to spot “government” scammers

by Paul Ducklin Sometimes, cybercrooks claim to speak from a higher authority than just a missed home delivery… …sometimes they masquerade as an official government body, complete with all the right logos, the right terminology and even a realistic-looking website carefully cloned from the real deal. Learn more about “government” . . . Read more

Naked Security Live – “XcodeSpy” takes aim at Mac and iOS developers

by Paul Ducklin Just one tiny line of script in your Xcode project – and you’ve been pwned! Learn all about it, and what you can do to avoid supply chain problems if you’re a coder yourself: Watch directly on YouTube if the video won’t play here.Click the on-screen Settings . . . Read more