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Halloween News Wrap: The Election, Hospital Deaths and Other Scary Cyberattack Stories

Threatpost breaks down the scariest stories of the week ended Oct. 30 haunting the security industry — including bugs that just won’t die. This Halloween week, Threatpost editors discuss the spookiest security stories, including: Listen to the full podcast below or download here. For more Threatpost podcast episodes – including . . . Read more

Microsoft’s SMBGhost Flaw Still Haunts 108K Windows Systems

While Microsoft patched the bug known as CVE-2020-0796 back in March, more than one 100,000 Windows systems are still vulnerable. More than 100,000 Windows systems have not yet been updated to protect against a previously-patched, critical and wormable flaw  in Windows called SMBGhost. Microsoft patched the remote code-execution (RCE) flaw . . . Read more