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Cloud wars: Who can make cloud the most boring?

Commentary: Cloud is the future, but getting there may require a healthy dose of making it look like the past. Image: iStock/Rawpixel Not too long ago was earnings season for public cloud providers, with Google, AWS, Microsoft and Alibaba all announcing earnings within a week of each other. Cloud earnings . . . Read more

Alexa for Business: Cheat sheet

Having conquered the home, Amazon takes on the office by using its voice platform to streamline corporate tasks. Alexa is on the way to work. Amazon’s Alexa for Business service aims to give your conference rooms and your desk a much better interface for connecting to meetings, calendars, tasks, and . . . Read more

Rapid7 Source Code Accessed in Supply Chain Attack

An investigation of the Codecov attack revealed intruders accessed Rapid7 source code repositories containing internal credentials and alert-related data. Security firm Rapid7 has confirmed attackers have accessed a subset of its source code, which contained internal credentials and alert-related data, following an investigation launched after the Codecov supply chain attack. . . . Read more

5 things that impact successful business transformation

Business transformation efforts can be a complex undertaking under the best of circumstances. During times of uncertainty, some things can make business transformation more tricky. Image: 13_Phunkod/Shutterstock More for CXOs Business transformation initiatives are time-consuming and involve stakeholders across your entire organization. On the surface, it may not seem all-encompassing. . . . Read more