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Listen up 3 – CYBERSECURITY FIRST! Cyberinsurance, help or hindrance?

This is the third in our collection of Naked Security Podcast minisodes for Week 4 of Cybersecurity Awareness month. This time, we talk to Dr Jason Nurse, Associate Professor in Cybersecurity at the University of Kent, about the controversial topic of cyberinsurance. Cyberinsurers often get criticised for “caving in” to . . . Read more

S3 Ep 23.5: An interview with cybersecurity expert John Noble CBE

by Paul Ducklin Can we regulate cyberspace? Is GDPR working? What about encryption? And how to protect healthcare at this critical time? In this special episode of the Naked Security Podcast, we talk to an insightful cybersecurity expert with a storied history in the industry, John Noble CBE: LISTEN NOW . . . Read more

Naked Security Live – How to calculate important things using a computer

by Paul Ducklin Last week, a UK journalist reported an incident that he subtitled with the words, “Hilarious mix-up may have highlighted a potential issue with the vaccine roll-out.” As you probably know, medical mix-ups have a habit of ending badly, especially when they involve automated calculations that determine drug . . . Read more