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PGMiner, Innovative Monero-Mining Botnet, Surprises Researchers

The malware takes aim at PostgreSQL database servers with never-before-seen techniques. An innovative Linux-based cryptocurrency mining botnet has been uncovered, which exploits a disputed PostgreSQL remote code-execution (RCE) vulnerability to compromise database servers. The malware is unusual and completely novel in a host of ways, researchers said. According to researchers . . . Read more

Google Patches Critical Wi-Fi and Audio Bugs in Android Handsets

Google updates its mobile OS, fixing ten critical bugs, including one remote code execution flaw. Google patched ten critical bugs as part of its December Android Security Bulletin. The worst of the bugs was tied to the Android media framework component and gives attacker remote control of vulnerable handsets. Google . . . Read more

Critical, Unpatched Bug Opens GE Radiological Devices to Remote Code Execution

A CISA alert is flagging a critical default credentials issue that affects 100+ types of devices found in hospitals, from MRI machines to surgical imaging.

Critical MobileIron RCE Flaw Under Active Attack

Attackers are targeting the critical remote code-execution flaw to compromise systems in the healthcare, local government, logistics and legal sectors, among others. Advanced persistent threat (APT) groups are actively exploiting a vulnerability in mobile device management security solutions from MobileIron, a new advisory warns. The issue in question (CVE-2020-15505) is . . . Read more

German COVID-19 Contact-Tracing Vulnerability Allowed RCE

Bug hunters at GitHub Security Labs help shore up German contact tracing app security, crediting open source collaboration. A security vulnerability in the infrastructure underlying Germany’s official COVID-19 contact-tracing app, called the Corona-Warn-App (CWA), would have allowed pre-authenticated remote code execution (RCE). Researcher Alvaro Muñoz wrote in a report this . . . Read more

Widespread Scans Underway for RCE Bugs in WordPress Websites

WordPress websites using buggy Epsilon Framework themes are being hunted by hackers. Millions of malicious scans are rolling across the internet, looking for known vulnerabilities in the Epsilon Framework for building WordPress themes, according to researchers. According to the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team, more than 7.5 million probes targeting these . . . Read more

Citrix SD-WAN Bugs Allow Remote Code Execution

The bugs tracked as CVE-2020–8271, CVE-2020–8272 and CVE-2020–8273 exist in the Citrix SD-WAN Center. Three security bugs in the Citrix software-defined (SD)-WAN platform would allow remote code-execution and network takeover, according to researchers. The flaws affect the Citrix SD-WAN Center (in versions before 11.2.2, 11.1.2b and 10.2.8). They consist of . . . Read more

2 More Google Chrome Zero-Days Under Active Exploitation

Browser users are once again being asked to patch severe vulnerabilities that can lead to remote code execution. Google is asking Chrome desktop users to prepare to update their browsers once again as two more zero-day vulnerabilities have been identified in the software. Both allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to . . . Read more