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More PrintNightmare: “We TOLD you not to turn the Print Spooler back on!”

by Paul Ducklin “It never rains but that it pours,” as the old weather adage goes. That’s certainly how Microsoft must be seeing things right now, following the official announcement of yet another unpatched vulnerability in the Windows Print Spooler service. Dubbed CVE-2021-34481, this one isn’t quite as bad as . . . Read more

S3 Ep40: Kaseya breach, PrintNightmare 0-day, and hacking versus the law [Podcast]

by Paul Ducklin [00’21”] The “Independence Day Weekend” ransomware drama.  [15’55”] The PrintNightmare nightmare continues.  [24’16”] An email hacker gets his conviction overturned.  [30’35”] In this week’s Oh! No! story, a server room fills with toxic fumes… With Doug Aamoth and Paul Ducklin. Download the IBM 3270 retrofont that Duck admired in the podcast. Intro and outro . . . Read more

PrintNightmare, the zero-day hole in Windows: here’s what to do

by Paul Ducklin There’s a critical Windows bug out there that’s not only known by three different names, but also listed variously as having three different severities. The first name you will see is the official MITRE identifier CVE-2021-1675, fixed in the Microsoft June 2020 Patch Tuesday update that was . . . Read more