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Apple’s ‘Find My’ Network Exploited via Bluetooth

The ‘Send My’ exploit can use Apple’s locator service to collect and send information from nearby devices for later upload to iCloud servers. Apple’s “Find My device” function for helping people track their iOS and macOS devices can be exploited to transfer data to and from random passing devices without using . . . Read more

Shifting Threats in a Changed World: Edge, IoT and Vaccine Fraud

Aamir Lakhani, researcher at FortiGuard Labs, discusses leading-edge threats related to edge access/browsers/IoT, and the COVID-19 vaccine, as a way of getting into larger organizations. Though it’s often hard to find group consensus, one thing everyone can agree on is a feeling of relief that we may be moving past . . . Read more

Microsoft Warns 25 Critical Vulnerabilities in IoT, Industrial Devices

Azure Defender security team discovers that memory allocation is a systemic problem that can allow threat actors to execute malicious code remotely or cause entire systems to crash. Security researchers at Microsoft are warning the industry about 25 as-yet undocumented critical memory-allocation vulnerabilities across a number of vendors’ IoT and . . . Read more

5 Fundamental But Effective IoT Device Security Controls

Matt Dunn, the associate managing director for cyber-risk at Kroll, discusses how to keep networks safe from insecure IoT devices. As the pandemic continues to fuel the shift to remote work, numerous manufacturers have capitalized on this movement to create a multitude of handy internet of things (IoT) devices. While . . . Read more

Ransomware: A Deep Dive into 2021 Emerging Cyber-Risks

Our new eBook goes beyond the status quo to take a look at the evolution of ransomware and what to prepare for next. Ransomware has been a growing scourge for years, but recent attacks illustrate a growing sophistication by attackers within this slice of the cybercrime underbelly. Snowballing assaults against . . . Read more

What COVID-19 Taught Us: Prepping Cybersecurity for the Next Crisis

Sivan Tehila, cybersecurity strategist at Perimeter 81, discusses climate change and the cyber-resilience lessons companies should take away from dealing with the pandemic. Few could have anticipated the impact COVID-19 has had on business. It spread from an isolated outbreak to a global pandemic seemingly overnight, and IT leaders across . . . Read more

How the NAME:WRECK Bugs Impact Consumers, Businesses

How this class of vulnerabilities will impact millions connected devices and potentially wreck the day of IT security professionals. Researchers estimate more than 100 million internet-connected devices are vulnerable to a class of flaws dubbed NAME:WRECK. Devices ranging from smartphones, aircraft navigation systems and industrial internet of things (IIoT) endpoints . . . Read more