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Is the Australian Government’s Quantum Computing Gamble Good for the Local IT Industry?

Over the last year, Australia’s potential to become a leader in quantum computing was given a number: potentially adding $6 billion to the economy in the coming decades. Now, there is meaningful progress being made towards this ambition, and in the medium term, the IT industry needs to prepare for . . . Read more

The Australian Government’s Manufacturing Objectives Rely on IT Capabilities

In recent weeks, the Australian government has announced several objectives and initiatives that are intended to drive towards a single outcome: a far more robust local manufacturing industry. For Australia to be able to achieve this, it’s going to need a highly capable and equally well-resourced IT sector working in . . . Read more

Budget, Robodebt Failures Making Australian Government Hesitant About Citizen-Facing AI

The Australian government sees the value of generative AI across local, state and federal governments. However, unseasonably long spending restrictions and concerns over automation disasters are slowing AI adoption, at least in terms of citizen-facing solutions. According to a Gartner survey of CIOs across APAC governments (with Australia sitting right . . . Read more

White House Launches Cybersecurity Implementation Plan

Image: Maksym Yemelyanov/Adobe Stock U.S. President Biden’s administration this week released the first iteration of the National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan, which was announced in March 2023. The plan aims to boost public and private cybersecurity resilience, take the fight to threat actors, beef up the defense of infrastructure and . . . Read more