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Paris Olympics 2024: Cyber Attackers are Targeting Companies Associated With Games, Report Finds

Organisations linked to the Paris Olympics 2024 have an increased risk of cyber attacks, including ransomware, credential leaks and phishing campaigns, a study has found. Insikt Group, the threat research division of security firm Recorded Future, has already observed posts advertising access to Games-related organisations in France and compromised credentials . . . Read more

Delaying AI’s Rollout in the U.K. by Five Years Could Cost the Economy £150+ Billion, Microsoft Report Finds

Adding five years onto the time it takes to roll out AI in the U.K. could reduce its economic impact in 2035 by more than £150 billion, a Microsoft report has revealed. While the country is second in the world in its ability to take advantage of AI, only behind . . . Read more

9 out of 10 UK Business Leaders Suffer From Tech Anxiety That Disrupts Their Sleep, BT Study Finds

While rapid digital transformations can result in many business benefits, a new study has revealed that they also take a toll on mental health. Nearly nine out of 10 U.K. business leaders say they suffer from tech-related stress that’s severe enough to disrupt their sleep. BT commissioned a survey of . . . Read more

How Can Businesses Defend Themselves Against Common Cyberthreats?

Today, all businesses are at risk of cyberattack, and that risk is constantly growing. Digital transformations are resulting in more sensitive and valuable data being moved onto online systems capable of exploitation, thus increasing the profitability of a successful breach. Furthermore, launching a cyberattack is becoming more accessible. Exploit kits . . . Read more

U.K., U.S. and Canadian Cyber Authorities Warn of Pro-Russia Hacktivist Attacks on Operational Technology Systems

The U.K.’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and other international cyber authorities, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), have warned about pro-Russia hacktivist attacks targeting providers of operational technology. OT is hardware and software that interacts with the physical environment and includes smart water metres, automated irrigation systems, dam . . . Read more

OpenAI’s GPT-4 Can Autonomously Exploit 87% of One-Day Vulnerabilities, Study Finds

The GPT-4 large language model from OpenAI can exploit real-world vulnerabilities without human intervention, a new study by University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign researchers has found. Other open-source models, including GPT-3.5 and vulnerability scanners, are not able to do this. A large language model agent — an advanced system based on . . . Read more

Prompt Hacking, Private GPTs, Zero-Day Exploits and Deepfakes: Report Reveals the Impact of AI on Cyber Security Landscape

AI’s newfound accessibility will cause a surge in prompt hacking attempts and private GPT models used for nefarious purposes, a new report revealed. Experts at the cyber security company Radware forecast the impact that AI will have on the threat landscape in the 2024 Global Threat Analysis Report. It predicted . . . Read more

Kaspersky Study: Devices Infected With Data-Stealing Malware Increased by 7 Times Since 2020

The number of devices infected with data-stealing malware in 2023 was 9.8 million, a sevenfold increase over the same figure for 2020, according to new research from Kaspersky Digital Footprint Intelligence. However, the researchers believe that the true figure could be as high as 16 million, as credentials from devices . . . Read more

AI Deepfakes Rising as Risk for APAC Organisations

AI deepfakes were not on the risk radar of organisations just a short time ago, but in 2024, they are rising up the ranks. With AI deepfakes’ potential to cause anything from a share price tumble to a loss of brand trust through misinformation, they are likely to feature as . . . Read more

Asia-Pacific Ransomware Threats Depend on Country and Sector, Says Rapid7

Raj Samani, Chief Scientist. Image: Rapid7 New research from cyber security firm Rapid7 has shown the ransomware attacks that IT and security professionals are up against in APAC are far from uniform, and they would be better off tapping intelligence that sheds light on attack trends in their specific jurisdiction . . . Read more