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Bert has been in the professional IT industry for the last 17 years specializing in mail servers. His work as a System Administrator, Security Consultant, and Team Leader has made him an expert in mail servers including Microsoft Exchange, Zimbra, Postfix, and Sendmail.  Bert’s experience surpasses just mail server experience. His diverse IT experience provides knowledge of the core software and hardware programs like Microsoft Exchange rely on.

As a System Administrator, Bert managed an array of Unix, Linux, and Windows server environments across multiple locations. His hardware and software knowledge has made him fully qualified to provide a full system administration service. Bert’s software knowledge spans resource planning, enterprise proxy server configuration, SQL server management, disaster recovery planning, and system and networking monitoring. His complex experience allows him to fully understand interconnected IT challenges.

Bert understands enterprise security through his work in security configurations and from the other side as an ethical hacker. He has extensive experience configuring IT security including network encryption setup, VPN SSL, Radius and certificate authentication for Layer 4 & Layer 5 network layers, and multiple firewall solutions including Checkpoint, IDS, and Stonebeat. Bert has also tested and confirmed his security work through pen testing and security audits. His experience in security testing has provided him with invaluable security knowledge.

As an independent IT consultant, Bert understands he’ll have to work with an array of individuals outside his company when providing consulting work. His experience as a Business Unit Manager and Team Leader has provided him with the management skills necessary to efficiently take on projects with existing IT staff. Bert’s extensive technical background coupled with his management experience creates an IT partner for your company.