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What’s new in Kali 2.0

I’m sure a lot of you have been waiting for the launch of Kali 2.0. I’ve started looking into competitive programming, and hence now have a bit less time for this blog. That being said, I took a few screenshots for you guys to see what Kali 2.0 has to offer.

Kali installed in VMWare 11
Some tools
Information gathering tools
Password attack tools
More tools
Web app analysis
And the ones we use all the time, the wireless hacking suites.

For those who want to know the specifics, take a look at the original post on Kali website.

I’m quoting the official website here, just one paragraph –

The tl;dr of this release is best explained by comparison: If Kali 1.0 was focused on building a solid infrastructure then Kali 2.0 is focused on overhauling the user experience and maintaining updated packages and tool repositories. Along with the arrival of 2.0 comes a whole lot of interesting updates… You can head down to our Kali Linux 2.0 Download page to get the goodness for yourself.