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How to prep a windows DVD for install on a mac pro 1,1

Copy all the files from the CD (or extract the files from the ISO file using 7-zip or something else)(including the hidden/system files) in a Windows OS. Say you copied it to D:\WIN64ISO folder.

Copy the oscdimg.exe file into D: . Then type the following commands in Command Prompt.

(i) d:

(ii) oscdimg -w4 -os -lWin_7_x64_UEFI_ISO9660 -m -o -n -pEF -e -bd:\WIN64ISO\efi\microsoft\boot\efisys.bin d:\WIN64ISO d:\Win_7_x64_UEFI_ISO9660.iso

Replace the “WIN64ISO” folder name by name of the folder where you extracted the Windows Setup disc files. After the process completes, write the Win_7_x64_UEFI_ISO9660.iso file to a disc. This disc will not boot in a BIOS system but it will boot in a UEFI system.

Note that Windows x64 versions requires a UEFI 2.x (not EFI 1.1) x86_64 (64-bit) efi firmware and compulsorily require a EFI System Partition to boot in a UEFI system. Even a 32-bit UEFI 2.x firmware will not be able to launch Windows Setup.

I currently have Windows 7 x64 RC and Windows Vista x64 SP2 in a Dual boot setup in a UEFI system in a GPT disk – I use tianocore.sourceforge.net UDK/EDK2 DUET firmware for UEFI booting).

I have attached the 32-bit oscdimg.exe file here.

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