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Over The Air IMPRES Battery Management

Motorola IMPRES Battery Fleet Management saves the guesswork, complexity, and costs of managing hundreds, even thousands of radio batteries and makes things easier for users to do their work safely and successfully.

The IMPRES Battery Fleet Management software records and organizes a variety of data so the system manager can see whether batteries are performing correctly; determine when a battery needs replacing and (conversely) avoid throwing away good batteries.
IMPRES Battery Fleet Management also helps to identify batteries that are missing, misplaced or inactive as well as identify radios that are using non-IMPRES batteries.


Device Monitor
Individual Battery Data
Batteries Grouped by Age Report

In order to gather this data, an IMPRES data reader or charger interface and PC would be required. If there were more locations, multiple data readers and PCs would be needed – all of these PCs would store and access their data on a centralized server.

Most importantly, the IMPRES battery would have to be inserted into the charger in order to extract the data.

IMPRES Fleet Management (Wired)

Over The Air IMPRES Battery Management reduces the requirement for hardware in that it allows the scheduled download of IMPRES battery data via the radio and radio channel/system.

IMPRES Fleet Management (OTA)
When first installed, the Fleet Management application (BMA) starts with no retrieved data. Within a few hours after a radio powers up, it will register its current battery information over the air. If this battery has never been seen before, the BMA creates a new record for the battery and reads its battery data over the air.
If the battery has been registered with the BMA before, the application checks the last time the battery’s data was read and if it was not recently read, the BMA reads the battery data over the air. If it has been recently read, no action is taken.
Radios register their battery about once a day and a battery’s data is read once every few weeks. The system manager or technician can also request a manual read of a radio and battery, if immediate battery data refresh is needed (though it is not recommended to do this regularly as this will briefly busy up the channel).
Note that the radio will not register an IMPRES battery while in a charger. In some cases it might be worthwhile combining a wired and OTA interface for this.