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MOTOTRBO Test Equipment

I am sometimes asked about test equipment for MOTOTRBO – specifically Communications Analyzers. In all cases, existing analogue (only) test equipment can be used as all MOTOTRBO radios have a test mode which allows the radio to be tested in analogue mode. The rule is: if the radio works correctly in analogue test mode, it will work in digital mode.

However, for customers who require a Communications Analyzer which is able to perform things like pattern tests and bit error rates, there are a few Communications Analyzers which will do these. Here is list of known DMR capable test equipment:

GD R8000B
Aeroflex 3920
Aeroflex 3900
Anritsu S412E

The majority of the above test equipment is able to test digital equipment from other vendors, confirming to other formats. For example, the Aeroflex 3920 is also able to test TETRA equipment.