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CrowdStrike Outage Disrupts Microsoft Systems Worldwide

A major disruption to Windows PCs in the U.S., U.K., Australia, South Africa and other countries was caused by an error in a CrowdStrike update, the cloud security company announced on Friday. Emergency services, airports and law enforcement reported downtime, which is ongoing. “This is not a security incident or . . . Read more

How UK SMBs Can Prepare for the 5G Rollout

With many UK businesses prioritising digitisation, a strong network connection is becoming a key driver of the nation’s economy. This is why the UK government has invested £40 million in extending 5G coverage to all populated areas of the nation by 2030. A reliable network connection is arguably most crucial . . . Read more

Nearly 10 Billion Passwords Leaked in Biggest Compilation of All Time

The world’s largest compilation of passwords to be leaked online has been discovered by a research team at Cybernews, containing 9,948,575,739 unique plaintext entries. The credentials were discovered in a file named “rockyou2024.txt” that was posted on a popular hacking forum on July 4, 2024. Many of the so-called RockYou2024 . . . Read more

Google’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Increased by 48% Since 2019, Thanks to AI Pursuits

Google’s latest annual environmental report reveals the true impact its recent forays into artificial intelligence has had on its greenhouse gas emissions. The expansion of its data centres to support AI developments contributed to the company producing 14.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents in 2023. This represents a 48% . . . Read more

83% of U.K. Businesses Pay More for Employees With AI Skills, According to Fiverr Study

The majority of U.K. businesses are willing to offer higher wages to candidates with skills in AI, a new report has found. Hiring managers will pay 45% more on average for those with demonstrable expertise in areas like natural language processing, AI content creation and chatbot development. However, the necessary . . . Read more

How to Become a Business Analyst in 2024

Course spotlight: Microsoft Business Analyst Professional Certificate Our assessment: Best for aspiring business analysts Coursera’s Microsoft Business Analyst Professional Certificate is one of the best on the market for providing the fundamental skills required of a business analyst. In just three months, learners can gain practical experience in data analysis, . . . Read more

Ransomware Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know In 2024

Ransomware is arguably the most high-profile security threat of the moment. Cybercriminals across the world are demanding money from victims by holding their devices and data hostage. This type of attack, in which data is encrypted or claimed to be and victims are prompted to pay for the key to . . . Read more

Microsoft Charged for Violating EU Antitrust Rules by Bundling Teams With Other Office Products

Microsoft has been charged by the EU for breaking antitrust rules. The European Commission claims that by bundling Teams into the Office 365 and Microsoft 365 suites, the company disproportionately restricts competition in the market for communication apps. The primary reason for this is because Microsoft’s suite of business productivity . . . Read more

UK Trails Behind Europe in Technical Skills Proficiency, Coursera Report Finds

The U.K. is the 25th most technically proficient country in Europe, a new report by online course provider Coursera has found. It sits well behind other digital leaders in the region like Germany, France and Spain. Globally, the U.K. came 45th out of 109 countries, which is an improvement from . . . Read more

4G “Unlikely” to be Extended to 95% of U.K. by End of 2025, Causing Issues for Rural Businesses

The U.K. government’s target of extending 4G coverage to 95% of the country by December 2025 is looking unlikely, according to a report from the House of Commons. Businesses and individuals in rural areas will be most impacted by the failure, especially after 3G and landline networks are turned off. . . . Read more