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Cyber League: UK’s NCSC Calls on Industry Experts to Join its Fight Against Cyber Threats

The United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre is inviting members of the cybersecurity community to join its new Cyber League, which is a collective of industry experts that will work alongside the government agency to tackle security threats facing the U.K. Announced by the NCSC on Jan. 17, the Cyber . . . Read more

UK Deep Tech Faces Major Diversity Challenge, Royal Academy of Engineering Finds

A report published by the U.K.’s Royal Academy of Engineering has found that fewer than one in 10 of the country’s deep tech companies is founded by all-female teams, highlighting a stark gender disparity that could hinder growth in the sector if not addressed. The State of U.K. Deep Tech . . . Read more

Crucial Skills Gaps in the UK Include AI and Strategic Thinking, According to Red Hat

The survey also detailed the biggest barriers to innovation. Read what experts say about how generative AI has impacted the job market. Image: ty/Adobe Stock The most in-demand skills in the U.K., according to a survey by Red Hat, are strategic thinking and the ability to tackle business-level issues (73%) . . . Read more

Impact of AI on Jobs in the UK: 10-30% of Jobs Could be Automated with AI

The U.K.’s Department for Education has published a new report about AI’s impact on the job market. The report’s authors said that there was now a “consensus” that 10-30% of jobs could be automated with AI. The technology also has the potential to increase productivity and create new high-value jobs . . . Read more

Microsoft Bets Big on UK AI with $3.2bn Investment

Microsoft has committed £2.5 billion ($3.2 billion USD) to expanding its artificial intelligence capabilities in the U.K. as part of plans to fuel the country’s AI sector. The investment, announced by the U.K. government on November 30, will see Microsoft more than double its AI data centre footprint in Britain . . . Read more

Isambard-AI: UK’s New £225m AI Supercomputer to Be Among the World’s Fastest

The new AI supercomputer will be the fastest in the U.K. when it launches in 2024 and will leverage artificial intelligence to drive breakthroughs in cutting-edge science. The Isambard-AI supercomputer will be housed at the National Composites Center in Bristol, U.K. Image: NCC The U.K. government is spending £225 million . . . Read more

Salesforce launches AI Cloud with raft of generative AI tools

Salesforce’s series of generative AI, ChatGPT-style tools rolling out this year are designed to provide customers with large language models integrated with the company’s products. Image: Sundry Photography/Adobe Stock Salesforce on Monday announced a comprehensive expansion of artificial intelligence products under a new AI Cloud name. The products are designed . . . Read more