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UK Trails Behind Europe in Technical Skills Proficiency, Coursera Report Finds

The U.K. is the 25th most technically proficient country in Europe, a new report by online course provider Coursera has found. It sits well behind other digital leaders in the region like Germany, France and Spain. Globally, the U.K. came 45th out of 109 countries, which is an improvement from . . . Read more

4G “Unlikely” to be Extended to 95% of U.K. by End of 2025, Causing Issues for Rural Businesses

The U.K. government’s target of extending 4G coverage to 95% of the country by December 2025 is looking unlikely, according to a report from the House of Commons. Businesses and individuals in rural areas will be most impacted by the failure, especially after 3G and landline networks are turned off. . . . Read more

Top 5 Cloud Trends U.K. Businesses Should Watch in 2024

As business data demands increase, cloud providers and their customers find themselves having to consider the implications of increasing storage costs, security risks and environmental footprint. Such impacts are of particular importance to U.K. organisations, as it is the largest cloud market in Europe. TechRepublic spoke to U.K. cloud experts to . . . Read more

AI Seoul Summit: 4 Key Takeaways on AI Safety Standards and Regulations

The AI Seoul Summit, co-hosted by the Republic of Korea and the U.K., saw international bodies come together to discuss the global advancement of artificial intelligence. Participants included representatives from the governments of 20 countries, the European Commission and the United Nations as well as notable academic institutes and civil . . . Read more

Delaying AI’s Rollout in the U.K. by Five Years Could Cost the Economy £150+ Billion, Microsoft Report Finds

Adding five years onto the time it takes to roll out AI in the U.K. could reduce its economic impact in 2035 by more than £150 billion, a Microsoft report has revealed. While the country is second in the world in its ability to take advantage of AI, only behind . . . Read more

9 out of 10 UK Business Leaders Suffer From Tech Anxiety That Disrupts Their Sleep, BT Study Finds

While rapid digital transformations can result in many business benefits, a new study has revealed that they also take a toll on mental health. Nearly nine out of 10 U.K. business leaders say they suffer from tech-related stress that’s severe enough to disrupt their sleep. BT commissioned a survey of . . . Read more

U.K.’s AI Safety Institute Launches Open-Source Testing Platform

The U.K.’s AI Safety Institute has released a free, open-source testing platform that evaluates the safety of new AI models. Dubbed Inspect, the toolset should provide a “consistent approach” towards the creation of secure AI applications around the world. Inspect is the first AI safety testing platform created by a . . . Read more

U.K., U.S. and Canadian Cyber Authorities Warn of Pro-Russia Hacktivist Attacks on Operational Technology Systems

The U.K.’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and other international cyber authorities, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), have warned about pro-Russia hacktivist attacks targeting providers of operational technology. OT is hardware and software that interacts with the physical environment and includes smart water metres, automated irrigation systems, dam . . . Read more

4 IoT Trends U.K. Businesses Should Watch in 2024

The realm of the Internet of Things encompasses more than just the latest products. As the network of connected devices grows — the number worldwide is expected to reach over 29 billion in 2027 — so do the policies, responsibilities and innovations that surround it, all of which contribute to . . . Read more

8 AI Business Trends in 2024, According to Stanford Researchers

AI makes workers more productive, but we are still lacking in regulations, according to new research. The 2024 AI Index Report, published by the Stanford University Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence institute, has uncovered the top eight AI trends for businesses, including how the technology still does not best the human brain . . . Read more