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Slack Plans to Add a ChatGPT Embed for Summaries and Search

A new Workflow Builder for task automation debuts Sept. 6. Lists for multi-team collaboration are on the way. Image: monticellllo/Adobe Stock A new Workflow Builder for task automation debuts Sept. 6. Lists for multi-team collaboration are on the way. Slack’s native generative AI tool will debut in a pilot program . . . Read more

Best Accounting Project Management Software for 2023

Project management (PM) software is a universal need to keep track of goals, research, data, scheduling and everything else under the sun. If you have more specific needs, however, you may have to find a PM solution with a specialized focus. Accounting project management software can simultaneously help teams perfect . . . Read more

Best Collaboration Tools for Web Developers in 2023

A highlight of some of the best collaboration tools for web developers. Learn more about web development collaboration software. Collaboration tools can help web development teams stay on the same page to improve efficiency and productivity. This guide will discuss the following top collaboration tools for web developers in terms . . . Read more

10 Best Government Project Management Software for 2023

Government entities need to manage projects just like other businesses, but their security and compliance needs are especially high, which can limit the scope of their software search. Fortunately, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP®) has reviewed and approved multiple project management tools that meet government security standards. . . . Read more

Best Project Management Software for Mac Users in 2023

Many professionals prefer using Mac computers for their work, including project management, which means they need dedicated software that works on macOS. Here, we have highlighted some of the best project management software for Mac users and their pros, cons, pricing and standout features. We have also shared our methodology . . . Read more

Best Scrum Software for Project Management in 2023

Scrum is one of the most popular agile methodologies, so many teams naturally want a project management software that has features to support a Scrum approach. In this software guide, we’ve rounded up eight of the best product management platforms that can be used by Scrum teams. We compare their . . . Read more

8 Best Nonprofit Project Management Software for 2023

Nonprofit organizations face unique challenges when it comes to managing projects, such as limited budgets, diverse teams and the need to effectively communicate and engage with stakeholders. Hence, the need for project management software that offers features designed to address the specific needs of nonprofit organizations, including grant management, fundraising, . . . Read more

The Top Notion Alternatives and Competitors for 2023

Looking for an alternative to notion? Our comprehensive list covers the best notion alternatives, their key features, pricing, pros, cons and more. Notion was designed as a note-taking app, but over time has evolved into powerful project management software. While Notion offers several advantages, such as its flexibility, customization and . . . Read more

Basecamp vs Trello (2023): Which tool should you use?

Basecamp and Trello are two well- known project management tools in the market today. Basecamp is known for its simple, intuitive interface and flat-rate pricing model, making it a favorite among teams looking for straightforward project management solutions. On the other hand, Trello is renowned for its highly customizable, card-based . . . Read more

Best simple project management software of 2023

Looking for a simple project management software to help you stay organized and on-track? Here are 9 of the best options for your business. While project management software continue to evolve to become more efficient and offer advanced tools, some users need simplicity. In this article, we have compiled a . . . Read more