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Tech Worker Salary Growth in Australia Has Normalised

IT workers in Australia are not too far past the pandemic to remember the upward surge in salaries it resulted in. As companies ramped projects back up after shelving them during 2020, suddenly the competition for tech skills and talent was back on in earnest, and salaries spiked. That grab . . . Read more

Get a Lifetime of Powerful AI Tools to Help You Get the Best Jobs for Just $80

TL;DR: Maximize your chance of being hired, helping others get hired or hiring the right people yourself by using the AI tools in a lifetime subscription to the Resso Professional Plan — it’s currently on sale for just $80. Whether you are applying for jobs as an employee or freelancer, . . . Read more

Save $152 on This Intuitive Document Scanner for iPhone

TL;DR: With SwiftScan VIP, you can scan anything from handwritten notes to QR codes from your mobile device. Through April 16th, it’s on sale for $48 when using coupon code ENJOY20 at checkout. It’s 2024; why would you need a physical scanner to make scans, potentially wasting time and money . . . Read more

Monetize Your Knowledge With Lifetime Access to OnlineCourseHost for $160

TL;DR: OnlineCourseHost helps you build and sell courses with ease, and lifetime access is now $160 with code ENJOY20 through April 16th only. Building and selling online courses is a smart way to monetize your expertise. The only tricky part is finding a suitable place to set up and host . . . Read more

Australian IT Skills Shortage: 2024 Is The Year To Self-Upskill

A recent series of reports and data point to one consistent theme: The skills crisis in the Australian IT industry is deepening and the nation-wide solutions seem unrealistic, but for IT professionals who are motivated to develop their skillsets, the opportunity is massive. The skills crisis in Australia starts at . . . Read more

Is AI ‘Copilot’ a Generic Term or a Brand Name?

The term “copilot” for AI assistants seems to be everywhere in enterprise software today. Like many things in the generative AI industry, the way the word is used is changing. Sometimes it is capitalized, and sometimes it is not. GitHub’s choice of Copilot as a brand name was the first . . . Read more

Google Cloud/Cloud Security Alliance Report: IT and Security Pros Are ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ About AI

The C-suite is more familiar with AI technologies than their IT and security staff, according to a report from the Cloud Security Alliance commissioned by Google Cloud. The report, published on April 3, addressed whether IT and security professionals fear AI will replace their jobs, the benefits and challenges of . . . Read more

This IT Career Kickstarter Bundle is An Extra 20% Off Through April 7th

TL;DR: Every business needs IT people. Save money by becoming your own with The 2023 Ultimate IT Career Kickstarter Bundle, just $47.99 for a limited time with promo code SECURE20. Businesses today rely heavily on digital resources. When technology doesn’t cooperate, you need quality IT people to mediate problems and . . . Read more

Microsoft Teams Will Be Sold Separately From Office Globally Due to EU Probe

Microsoft will sell Teams, its video meeting application, separately from the commercial Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suites across the world starting as soon as Monday, April 1. The Teams product was unbundled from Microsoft 365 and Office 365 in the European Economic Area and Switzerland on October 1, 2023. . . . Read more