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What Is Data Literacy and Why Is It Important?

Image: VectorMine/Adobe Stock Company leaders looking to gain a competitive edge can prioritize data literacy for employees across departments and at all levels within their organization. But from raw data to business outcomes, data literacy is ripe with challenges. The amount of data businesses generate is only as impressive as . . . Read more

What is Job Title Inflation And Why Does it Happen?

Written by: Kirstie McDermott Since the rise of the tech industry, many jobs have fallen away entirely as the improved productivity and efficiency delivered by technological advances has made roles redundant. Read more to find out where your next opportunity awaits. Image: Andrey Popov Job titles change all the time. . . . Read more

This Project Management Certification Course is Just $50

Get your team on track to become project management certified with this two-part course on CAPM and PMP that will help your company get more efficient. Image: StackCommerce In today’s competitive, fast-paced business world, everyone’s looking to get things done as efficiently as possible. That’s why project managers are in . . . Read more

Get a Year of the Best Flexible and Remote Job Listings for Just $30

Work from home and flexible hours are no longer an impossible goal when you have access to job listings curated specifically for 9 to 5 office alternatives. Image: StackCommerce The recent pandemic opened up tons of new ways of working. If you’d still rather have a realistic alternative to 9 . . . Read more

Retailers Are Rapidly Scaling Surveillance of Australian Consumers — Why This Is a Red Flag

IT professionals across sectors that interact with consumers, and retail in particular, need to make themselves aware of the implications of surveillance capitalism because, while there are many legitimate uses that surveillance is being used for, there’s also the concern that poor data shepherding processes could lead to inadvertent misuse . . . Read more

‘Haywire’ Australian IT Skills Market Prompts Logicalis to Add Talent as a Service

Image: kerkezz/Adobe Stock The IT skills shortage is no secret to Australia’s technology managers. Whether they’ve been hiring new talent into their teams or looking to keep their existing talent engaged and in place, the short supply of skills in recent years has made it quite a challenging time. Scott . . . Read more

Get Lifetime Access to This All-In-One Business Toolkit for Just $49.99

From customer support and HR to accounting and project management, this platform provides the perfect toolkit for unlocking the potential of your business. Image: StackCommerce In the early days, many startups were run entirely on spreadsheets and live documents. This is fine when you have zero budget and no staff. . . . Read more

Best IT Asset Management Software for 2023

IT assets are software, hardware or cloud resources that help businesses run their operations. Managing these assets efficiently is crucial for optimizing productivity, reducing costs and ensuring compliance with various regulations. Fortunately, there are IT asset management solutions available for that. IT asset management software provides a unified snapshot of . . . Read more

8 Common Data Governance Challenges & Issues Faced By Businesses

Poor data governance can lead to a myriad of issues that include data interpretation inconsistencies, security vulnerabilities, operational failures and regulatory non-compliance. These issues not only negatively impact operations but also have legal and financial repercussions. Data governance issues can exist in organizations of any size, but if you don’t . . . Read more

Reasons Why IT Professionals Are Quitting Their Jobs

Not surprisingly, salary is the number one reason tech pros are quitting, but other factors include lack of career advancement and leadership and vision, according to new research from a U.K.-based recruitment firm. Image: Charnchai saeheng/Adobe Stock Faced with the double whammy of a shortage of IT workers and a . . . Read more