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Head of AI and Similar Leadership Roles are Here to Stay, says Deloitte AI Ethicist

Beena Ammanath. Image: Deloitte Head of AI is a trendy new job title, but do businesses actually need someone in this role? What responsibilities does it entail? We asked Beena Ammanath, executive director of the Deloitte AI Institute, leader of Trustworthy Tech Ethics at Deloitte and author of the book . . . Read more

Reasons Why IT Professionals Are Quitting Their Jobs

Not surprisingly, salary is the number one reason tech pros are quitting, but other factors include lack of career advancement and leadership and vision, according to new research from a U.K.-based recruitment firm. Image: Charnchai saeheng/Adobe Stock Faced with the double whammy of a shortage of IT workers and a . . . Read more

Glassdoor: Dropbox Ranks No. 1 for Culture and Values Among Tech Companies

In a new survey, tech firms received high marks for making employees feel valued, fostering inclusive environments, and offering learning and career growth programs. Image: NDABCREATIVITY/Adobe Stock In a new survey, tech firms received high marks for making employees feel valued, fostering inclusive environments and offering learning and career growth . . . Read more

Generative AI: Cybersecurity Weapon, But Not Without Adaptable, Creative (Human) Thinkers

Image: PB Studio Photo/Adobe Stock Generative AI was — not surprisingly — the conversational coin of the realm at Black Hat 2023, with various panels and keynotes mulling the extent to which AI can replace or bolster humans in security operations. Kayne McGladrey. Image: Hyperproof Kayne McGladrey, IEEE Fellow and . . . Read more

Upwork Reveals Top 10 Generative AI-Related Skills and Hires in 2023

Generative AI job posts on Upwork were up more than 1,000% in Q2 2023, and hiring managers are seeking freelance and full-time employees. Image: Ewa/Adobe Stock It is not hyperbole to say that generative AI is ubiquitous, so it comes as no surprise that companies are planning to hire more . . . Read more

OpenAI Is Hiring Researchers to Wrangle ‘Superintelligent’ AI

The AI giant predicts human-like machine intelligence could arrive within 10 years, so they want to be ready for it in four. Image: PopTika/Shutterstock OpenAI is seeking researchers to work on containing super-smart artificial intelligence with other AI. The end goal is to mitigate a threat of human-like machine intelligence . . . Read more

Gartner: 81% of IT Teams Will Grow Despite AI Adoption

Learn about the importance of upskilling IT talent, in-demand technical skills and the impact of economic volatility on IT staffing in this recent Gartner report. Image: metamorworks/Shutterstock Large enterprise CIOs — 81% of them — plan to increase their IT headcount in 2023, according to a new Gartner study. “Even . . . Read more

Report: More organizations still plan to increase their tech staff

A new Linux Foundation report finds that the global focus is on cloud/containers, cybersecurity and AI/ML skills, and that upskilling is key. Image: Vadim Pastuh/Adobe Stock Even in the face of ongoing global economic uncertainty, the Linux Foundation’s 2023 State of Tech Talent Report found that many organizations plan to . . . Read more

Find high-paying cybersecurity and IT support jobs in these U.S. cities

This recent survey reveals the top 10 companies seeking cybersecurity professionals; the list includes Deloitte, VMware and IBM. Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto The most in-demand tech positions employers want to fill are information security analyst and IT support specialist, both of which only require a bachelor’s degree, according to a recent . . . Read more

Women earn 12% lower salaries than men in project management

The new survey also finds women hold leadership roles in project management about as often as men do. Image: Sanele Gobinduku/Adobe Stock While women thrive in leadership roles in the project management field, a new survey from the Project Management Institute shows that higher salaries, management roles and certifications are . . . Read more