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UK Tech Trends & Predictions for 2024: AI Boosts Productivity, Hiring Increases, Fintech Matures, More 5G Rollouts

Harnessing AI to boost productivity will top the U.K.’s tech agenda in 2024, as the country’s IT industry and startups try to regain lost momentum, while tech job hunters will have to adapt to a changing market, according to predictions from industry experts. Here are tech predictions for the U.K. . . . Read more

Microsoft Bets Big on UK AI with $3.2bn Investment

Microsoft has committed £2.5 billion ($3.2 billion USD) to expanding its artificial intelligence capabilities in the U.K. as part of plans to fuel the country’s AI sector. The investment, announced by the U.K. government on November 30, will see Microsoft more than double its AI data centre footprint in Britain . . . Read more

Generative AI: UK Business Leaders Face Investment Challenges as Everyone Claims to Be an Expert

U.K. business leaders feel pressured to accelerate investments in generative artificial intelligence despite an abundance of potentially dud advice clouding decision-making, research from Ernst & Young suggests. Meanwhile, a survey of 150 U.K. CEOs by KPMG finds that 71% see generative AI as a top investment priority, despite ongoing economic . . . Read more

Forrester’s 2024 Tech Leadership Predictions About AI, HR, Budget and Manufacturing

Organizations are already reaping up to 40% improvement from AI software development initiatives, and productivity and problem-solving gains will increase by 50%, the firm said. Image: Яна Деменишина/Adobe Stock AI will deliver efficiency and effectiveness in the enterprise next year, with initiatives expected to boost productivity and creative problem-solving by . . . Read more

KPMG Survey: Momentum for Generative AI Continues to Build in Organizations

A new KPMG survey finds nearly all respondents expect generative AI to positively impact their organizations and are not overly concerned about the evolving regulatory environment. Image: metamorworks/Adobe Stock It has been nearly a year since ChatGPT burst onto the scene and excitement about it in organizations continues to grow. . . . Read more

EY survey: Tech leaders to invest in AI, 5G, cybersecurity, big data, metaverse

Generative AI is of particular interest to leaders for the benefits of cost savings, efficiency and effectiveness. Image: peshkova/Adobe Stock Economic perils notwithstanding, 94% of tech leaders are committed to investing in new tools and technologies, including AI, according to a survey by EY. The new poll suggests tech leaders . . . Read more

Forrester: Extended reality has not lived up to the promise, but don’t rule it out yet

Image: DIgilife/Adobe Stock Extended reality technologies have been touted for the ability to augment employees’ capabilities, but the promise has yielded more hype than actual results, according to a new report from Forrester. The research firm surveyed 20 end-user and vendor companies to understand how XR and metaverse technologies could . . . Read more