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Deloitte’s Tech Predictions for 2024: Generative AI Will Continue to Shape Chips Market

Deloitte’s 2024 Technology, Media and Telecommunications Predictions report released on Nov. 29 analyzes what the future of tech might look like over the next year. Featured topics include sustainability, artificial intelligence’s prevalence, the impact of cloud sovereignty and changes in the smartphone industry; in particular, the report focuses on how . . . Read more

IBM Study: Businesses Work on Adapting to Generative AI, Hybrid Cloud

Of the business decision-makers surveyed by IBM, 68% have created formal policies around generative AI. Of organizations that use hybrid cloud, 68% have established formal, organization-wide policies around generative AI, The Harris Poll working on behalf of the IBM Institute for Business Value found in a news report published in . . . Read more

AI Ranked the Most Important Technology in 2024, IEEE Survey Finds

Extended reality, cloud computing, 5G and electric vehicles are also in the top five, according to the global survey of CIOs, CTOs and tech leaders. Image: putilov_denis/Adobe Stock Different aspects of artificial intelligence – predictive and generative AI, machine learning and natural language processing – will be the most important . . . Read more

Tech Takes Diverse Approaches to Sustainability Including Net Zero Carbon by 2030

Image: blacksalmon/Adobe Stock Parse away, but dire climate news on the potential of the world to breach a 1.5c temperature increase threshold by 2027. Such here-and-now consequences of global warming as fires in Hawaii, the cloak or orange haze from record Canadian fires and July coming in as the hottest . . . Read more

Dell’s sustainable data center management strategy: Interview with expert Alyson Freeman

Image: peach_adobe/Adobe Stock At Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas, sustainability and an increasing need for processing power were both hot topics. I spoke with Alyson Freeman, sustainability product manager at Dell’s Infrastructure Solutions Group, to discover what Dell is doing in the field of sustainable data center management. In . . . Read more

Some semiconductors have been proactive in sustainability efforts, but much more is needed

Deloitte’s new semiconductor industry outlook suggests 2023 could be when more of the large players take actions beyond the basic carbon offsets. Image: Connect world/Adobe Stock Chip manufacturing is undergoing a realignment as leading-edge semiconductor makers ponder moving more back-end assembly and testing onshore from the Asia/Pacific region. As Earth . . . Read more