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Europol’s IOCTA 2023 Report Reveals Cybercriminals are Increasingly Interdependent

Image: SomYuZu/Adobe Stock The Europol report reported on cybercriminals’ use of cryptocurrencies and how their techniques are more sophisticated. However, there was good cybersecurity news, too. Europol, the European Union’s agency for law enforcement cooperation, released its yearly Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment report, which provides key findings and emerging . . . Read more

Aqua Security Study Finds 1,400% Increase in Memory Attacks

Analysis of 700,000 real-world attacks shows how memory attacks evade protections and suggest mitigations. Image: tippapatt/Adobe Stock Threat actors are honing their focus on exploits that evade detection and remain unnoticed within systems, according to Aqua Security’s 2023 Cloud Native Threat Report, which examined memory attacks in networks and software . . . Read more

GitLab announces AI-DevSecOps platform GitLab 16

Image: GitLab GitLab announced on Monday the new GitLab 16 platform, an upgraded and comprehensive AI-driven DevSecOps solution. GitLab 16 includes more than 55 improvements and new features. Upgrades are expected to be available soon. GitLab 16 is available to customers globally and there is a Free, Premium, and Ultimate . . . Read more