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Five Eyes Coalition Release Guidelines for Business Leaders on Securing Intellectual Property

The Five Eyes coalition’s principles focus on reducing the possibility of IP theft, particularly from nation-state-sponsored threat actors. The Five Eyes security alliance, made up of intelligence agencies from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the U.K. and the U.S., released on October 17, the Five Principles of Secure Innovation. These principles . . . Read more

UK AI Startup Funding: Alan Turing Institute Identifies Huge Gender Disparity

A report from The Alan Turing Institute has highlighted the stark gender imbalance in artificial intelligence funding in the U.K., revealing that companies founded by women secured just 0.3% of the £69.5 billion ($85.1 billion) of venture capital raised by U.K. AI startups over the past decade. The research was . . . Read more

Get Lifetime Access to This All-In-One Business Toolkit for Just $49.99

From customer support and HR to accounting and project management, this platform provides the perfect toolkit for unlocking the potential of your business. Image: StackCommerce In the early days, many startups were run entirely on spreadsheets and live documents. This is fine when you have zero budget and no staff. . . . Read more

How SMBs Can Cut Through the Generative AI Hype

Image: THANANIT/Adobe Stock AWS Head of Innovation for SMBs, Ben Schreiner reminds business leaders to focus on data and problem solving when making decisions around generative AI. Generative artificial intelligence is a hot topic, but many of the things it can do seem very similar to yesterday’s predictive algorithms or . . . Read more

The Best Payroll Software for Your Small Business in 2023

Small-business payroll helps business owners pay employees (and themselves) correctly, on time and with as little hassle as possible. While the right payroll software for your small business depends largely on your business’s unique payroll requirements, we recommend Gusto for first-time employers who need simple, affordable software with a low . . . Read more

Kaspersky’s New Report Reveals the Top Cyber Threats for SMBs in 2023

A new report from Kaspersky reveals the top cyber threats for SMBs in 2023. Read more about it and how to protect organizations from it. Image: BeeBright/Shutterstock According to a new report from Kaspersky, small and medium-sized businesses are facing various cybersecurity threats; the biggest issues are exploits against their . . . Read more

Cyberattacks surge to 61% of small and medium-sized businesses, says study

A poll of security software buyers shows 39% of small and medium-sized businesses lost customer data due to cyberattacks. Image: Song_about_summer/Adobe Stock More than half of small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. and U.K. faced a successful cyberattack in the last year, according to a June 2023 study from . . . Read more

Gusto vs QuickBooks Payroll: Which Software Is Better for 2023?

Payroll software is a low-priced, automated, often turnkey management solution for everything from employee payments to human resources, benefits and taxes. Scalable platforms like Gusto and QuickBooks are ideal for small and midsize businesses that don’t necessarily have the fiscal wherewithal to onboard an entire HR department but need flexibility . . . Read more

Paychex Review (2023): Features, Pricing and Alternatives

Paychex is one of the top payroll software solutions that helps businesses automate payroll, HR and other human-capital services. In order for you to determine if Paychex is ideal for your business — specifically, if its cloud-based payroll software application, Paychex Flex, will work for you — read this breakdown . . . Read more

10 best antivirus software for businesses in 2023

It’s nearly impossible to have a business in the modern age without having some sort of digital presence. What follows naturally from such a presence are countless cybersecurity risks, which in turn necessitate software to protect your systems. The importance of having quality antivirus software to protect your business from . . . Read more