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The 5 Best Web Development Courses Worth Taking in 2024

The demand for web developers is expected to grow 16% from 2022 to 2023, a “much faster” growth than average, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. With that demand in mind, web development could be a lucrative first (or second) career. We’ve gathered a list of convenient courses . . . Read more

Apple Operating Systems are Being Targeted by Threat Actors, Plus 4 More Vulnerability Trends

The number of macOS vulnerabilities exploited in 2023 increased by more than 30%, according to a new report. The Software Vulnerability Ratings Report 2024 from patch management software company Action1 also found that Microsoft Office programs are becoming more exploitable, while attackers are targeting load balancers like NGINX and Citrix . . . Read more

Master Python, Java, SQL, and C++ With This Coding Course Bundle, Now Under $70

TL;DR: The 2024 Python, Java, SQL, and C++ Programming Master Class Bundle helps you learn important coding languages and practices for $69.99 (reg. $499). AI and automation are rapidly transforming the way we do business. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, learning how to code is a . . . Read more

Can Microsoft Copilot Write Simple SQL Commands for You?

According to the claims made by large technology companies, generative artificial intelligence platforms like Microsoft Copilot will make the working lives of people at all levels of a business organization more productive and efficient. But is that just hyperbole, or do the claims have some merit? For example, can the . . . Read more

TIOBE Index News (February 2024): Programming Language Go Reaches a New High at Number Eight

Google programming languages made two notable moves in the TIOBE Index between January and February 2024: Go reached number 8 — its highest position ever in these rankings — and Carbon entered the top 100. The TIOBE Programming Community Index shows year-over-year trends in programming languages based on search engine . . . Read more

TIOBE Index News (January 2024): Programming Language of 2023 Goes to C#

TIOBE Software has declared C# the programming language of 2023 based on its long-running popularity index. The TIOBE Programming Community Index shows year-over-year trends in programming languages based on search engine volume. In January 2024, the top three programming languages were Python, C and C++. However, they all lost popularity . . . Read more

Why the Database Market Keeps Growing Bigger and Stronger

Image: Who is Danny/Adobe Stock Like any mature market, growth in the database market should be flattening; instead, it’s accelerating. Most of that growth is being gobbled up by cloud databases, but enterprises are spoiled for choice with hundreds of databases to choose from, cloud or otherwise. Decades into its . . . Read more

What is a Database Administrator and What Do They Do All Day?

In an era that places increasing importance on data, the role of a database administrator has never been more critical. As businesses continue to rely on data for decision-making, the DBA is an invaluable guardian and facilitator of data assets. But what exactly does a DBA do on a day-to-day . . . Read more

Microsoft Dataverse: Going from Excel to new AI-powered tools

Image: stnazkul/Adobe Stock Microsoft Excel is the original low-code tool, but data and business logic in an Excel spreadsheet are not managed and not necessarily shared with other business users, so they are not something that can be easily reused outside that spreadsheet. Data in the data platform used by . . . Read more