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Inbox Attacks: The Miserable Year (2020) That Was

Reflecting on 2020’s record-breaking year of spam and inbox threats. Purging your inbox has become a year-end tradition for many. A short hiatus for the holidays often provides a quiet moment to flush the previous year’s mountain of spam. And, from the looks of our 2020 inbox, years of herculean . . . Read more

S3 Ep10: Hacking iPhones, sunken Enigmas and double scams [Podcast]

by Paul Ducklin In this episode, we dig into research that figured out a way to steal data from iPhones wirelessly; we tell the fascinating story of how environmentalist divers in Germany came across an old Enigma cipher machine at the bottom of the Baltic sea; and we give you . . . Read more

Phone scamming – friends don’t let friends get vished!

by Paul Ducklin As regular readers will know, we write up real-world scams fairly frequently on Naked Security. Despite ever more aggressive spam filtering, including blocking some senders outright without even seeing what they’ve got to say, many of us receive a daily crop of outright dishonest and manipulative messages . . . Read more

Emotet Emails Strike Thousands of DNC Volunteers

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Monday review – catch up with the latest articles

by Naked Security writer Read the latest articles: Watch the latest Naked Security Live video: [embedded content] (Watch directly on YouTube if the video won’t play here.) Subscribe to our newsletter: For a regular reminder of the articles we write on the day we write them, why not sign up . . . Read more