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9 best workflow management software for 2023

Today’s fast-paced work environment demands efficient and effective workflows to meet ever-changing business needs. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best workflow management software to help you streamline your processes, increase productivity and achieve your goals. SEE: Hiring kit: Project manager (TechRepublic Premium) Whether you’re a freelancer, small-business . . . Read more

TIOBE Index for March 2023: Programming language Go breaks into top 10

Image: iStockphoto/Chalirmpoj Pimpisarn Python maintains its number one spot on the TIOBE Programming Community Index of most popular programming languages this month. The index has recently shuffled around due to dark horse, Go, which moved into the number 10 position. Jump to: Go language reaches competitive 10th spot TIOBE Software . . . Read more

Jira review (2023): Pricing, features, pros & cons

Jira’s fast facts Pricing: Paid tiers for Jira start at $7.75 per user per month. Key features: Dashboards and reporting for visualizing key insights. Issue tracking for managing tasks, bugs and other issues. Integration with over 3,000 tools. Agile framework for planning, tracking and managing projects. Roadmaps for planning, tracking, . . . Read more

How to use Smartsheet for project management

Image: Postmodern Studio/Adobe Stock Smartsheet is a unique project management solution that uses a spreadsheet-style grid to hold data while also adding key projecting management tools to help organize that data. This use of a spreadsheet is helpful for teams or projects with detailed data that needs to be incorporated. . . . Read more

6 best software for project management time tracking in 2023

What is the best software for project time tracking in 2023? Compare pricing plans, key features, and drawbacks with our guide. Keeping track of the time is an integral component of project management. Time tracking helps to streamline business processes and boost team efficiency. Fortunately, you don’t have to manually . . . Read more

Google opens Bard AI wait list

The ChatGPT rival will draw from Google’s vast library of information – but isn’t ready for business yet. Image: Sundry Photography/Adobe Stock Google has opened up a wait list for Bard, its generative AI chatbot, the tech giant announced on Tuesday. Bard appears to be a direct competitor of ChatGPT . . . Read more

Adobe launches Firefly generative AI creative engine at Summit

Adobe launched a palette of products and innovations for Experience Cloud, Experience Manager and more at its event, but the key advance is generative AI, centered on Adobe Firefly, a new visual tool for creative teams. Image: Gene Silvers. Anil Chakravarthy, president, digital experience; David Wadhwani, president, digital media; Shantanu . . . Read more

8 best enterprise accounting software for 2023

Gone are the days of the spreadsheet for keeping tabs on critical business finances. Now, software platforms are available to do the heavy lifting for you. Enterprise accounting software helps companies manage and track their financials, from accounts payable to payroll. However, these platforms don’t stop there. Enterprise accounting software . . . Read more

10 best resource management software for 2023

Compare our picks of the best resource management software for 2023. Read our reviews to learn more about standout features, integrations, and pricing. Resource management software is beneficial for businesses of all sizes to efficiently and effectively manage their resources. These tools can track, monitor and optimize resources, such as . . . Read more

6 best mind mapping software for project management in 2023

Sometimes, the mind needs some support, especially when trying to make sense of complex concepts, struggling through creator’s block or managing complex projects. Mind mapping software is the perfect solution. Mind mapping software offers several advantages for project management. You can use it to manage non-linear conversations, quick meeting minutes, . . . Read more