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Thomson Reuters’ Future of Professionals Report Shows Cautious Optimism Toward AI in Law

It has been a common refrain today that generative AI can take over simpler tasks but struggles with more difficult ones. In that case, how much does generative AI actually save time or improve performance at work? Thomson Reuters, a professional services and technology company in the fields of law, . . . Read more

Nextiva Review (2024): Is it Right for My Business?

Nextiva’s fast facts Starting price: $28.95 per user per month Key features: Easy setup. Business communication platform. Omnichannel contact center solutions. NextivaONE app. Automation builder. Analytics and reporting. Gamification. Call pop. Image: Nextiva Nextiva is commonly known as the go-to business cloud communications platform. It’s versatile and reliable, and its . . . Read more

Complete Guide to Project Management Methodologies

Choosing the right project management methodology can hugely improve your team’s efficiency and production — while choosing the wrong methodology will have exactly the opposite effect. With so many different project management methodologies available, it can be tough to choose which one is the right fit for your project. In . . . Read more

TIOBE Programming Language Index News (July 2024): Rust Rises to an All-Time High

The nine-year-old programming language Rust is the star of the TIOBE Programming Language Community Index this month. The language Rust rose to number 13 from number 17, a jump from 0.93% in the proprietary TIOBE points system in May to 1.18% in July. The top 10 list of programming languages . . . Read more

The 10 Best CRM Software in 2024

Best free CRM offering premium upgrades: HubSpot Best CRM with an intuitive interface: Pipedrive Best CRM for managing projects and tasks: Monday CRM Best CRM offering advanced omnichannel marketing: Zoho CRM Best CRM offering post-sales and opportunity management: Netsuite CRM Best CRM with a mix of advanced features and affordability: . . . Read more

Australian, APAC SAP Customers Face Looming 2027 ERP Cloud Migration Deadline

Enterprises using SAP ERP Central Component as their core ERP system in Australia and APAC are facing a looming deadline to migrate to SAP’s new cloud ERP S/4HANA Cloud by 2027, when SAP plans to end mainstream support. Before then, SAP is asking customers to undertake a migration using its . . . Read more

6 Best Employer of Record Services for 2024

Workforces have really flung themselves out to the four winds in the last few years, haven’t they? Distributed and asynchronous teams are now almost the default in some industries. These remote teams offer enormous opportunities for companies, from diverse skill sets to competitive wages. But remote teams also create a . . . Read more

Review Methodology for CRM Software

At TechRepublic, we uphold the standard of fair and honest reviews of CRM software. To successfully do this, we believe it’s important to disclose exactly how we evaluate CRM software, what criteria and subcriteria we’ve defined as most important and how they influence our final ratings and ideal use cases. . . . Read more