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Google Cloud’s Cybersecurity Trends to Watch in 2024 Include Generative AI-Based Attacks

A November report from Google Cloud details possible nation-state malware tactics in 2024 and new angles of cyberattacks. What will cybersecurity look like in 2024? Google Cloud’s global Cybersecurity Forecast found that generative AI can help attackers and defenders and urged security personnel to look out for nation-state backed attacks . . . Read more

Microsoft Exposes Octo Tempest, One of the Most Dangerous Financial Threat Actors to Date

A new report from Microsoft Incident Response and Microsoft Threat Intelligence teams exposed the activities and constant evolution of a financially oriented threat actor named Octo Tempest, who deploys advanced social engineering techniques to target companies, steal data and run ransomware campaigns. Jump to: Octo Tempest’s tactics, techniques and procedures . . . Read more

F5 Warns Australian IT of Social Engineering Risk Escalation Due to Generative AI

Experts from security firm F5 have argued that cyber criminals are unlikely to send new armies of generative AI-driven bots into battle with enterprise security defences in the near future because proven social engineering attack methods will be easier to mount using generative AI. The release of generative AI tools, . . . Read more

Abnormal Security: Microsoft Tops List of Most-Impersonated Brands in Phishing Exploits

Image: Timon/Adobe Stock A significant portion of social engineering attacks, such as phishing, involve cloaking a metaphorical wolf in sheep’s clothing. According to a new study by Abnormal Security, which looked at brand impersonation and credential phishing trends in the first half of 2023, Microsoft was the brand most abused . . . Read more

HackerOne: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Cyber Threats and Ethical Hacking

Image: NicoElNino/Adobe Stock HackerOne, a security platform and hacker community forum, hosted a roundtable on Thursday, July 27, about the way generative artificial intelligence will change the practice of cybersecurity. Hackers and industry experts discussed the role of generative AI in various aspects of cybersecurity, including novel attack surfaces and . . . Read more

Verizon 2023 DBIR: DDoS attacks dominate and pretexting lead to BEC growth

In Verizon’s just-released 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report, money is king, and denial of service and social engineering still hold sway. Image: Ar_TH /Adobe Stock Verizon’s just-released 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report shows the continued effectiveness of business email compromises. The study, which tracked incidents occurring between November 1, 2021 . . . Read more