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Breakthrough in Quantum Cloud Computing Ensures its Security and Privacy

Businesses are one step closer to quantum cloud computing, thanks to a breakthrough made in its security and privacy by scientists at Oxford University. The researchers used an approach dubbed ‘blind quantum computing’ to connect two quantum computing entities (Figure A); this simulates the situation where an employee at home . . . Read more

Kaspersky Study: Devices Infected With Data-Stealing Malware Increased by 7 Times Since 2020

The number of devices infected with data-stealing malware in 2023 was 9.8 million, a sevenfold increase over the same figure for 2020, according to new research from Kaspersky Digital Footprint Intelligence. However, the researchers believe that the true figure could be as high as 16 million, as credentials from devices . . . Read more

Apple Alerts iPhone Users in 92 Countries to Mercenary Spyware Attacks

Apple sent a threat notification to iPhone users in 92 countries on April 10 informing them that their device was “being targeted by a mercenary spyware attack.” The alert, sent at 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time, told recipients that the attackers were attempting to “remotely compromise” their phone and that they . . . Read more

Sophos Study: 94% of Ransomware Victims Have Their Backups Targeted By Attackers

Organisations that have backed up their sensitive data may believe they are relatively safe from ransomware attacks; however, this is not the case based on findings from a new study from IT security company Sophos. The report showed that cybercriminals attempted to compromise the backups of 94% of companies hit . . . Read more

4 Best Open Source Password Managers for Teams in 2024

Password managers have developed into important tools for businesses to keep all their passwords secure. They store company credentials in encrypted vaults, allow for easier sharing within teams and can be accessed via multiple devices. While the benefits of password managers are undeniable, many options available are proprietary. Proprietary software . . . Read more

6 Best Open Source Password Managers for Mac in 2024

Best overall: MacPass Best for multiplatform support: Bitwarden Best for tech-savvy Mac users: gopass Best for Unix users: QtPass Best open source offline password manager: KeePassX Best for team-level password management: Passbolt Maintaining strong, unique passwords for every online account is essential for Mac users seeking to enhance their digital . . . Read more

Google Cloud Next 2024: New Data Center Chip and Chrome Enterprise Premium Join the Ecosystem

Google Cloud announced a new enterprise subscription for Chrome and a bevy of generative AI add-ons for Google Workspace during the Cloud Next ‘24 conference, held in Las Vegas from April 9 – 11. Overall, Google Cloud is putting its Gemini generative AI in place as much as it can; . . . Read more