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45 Million Medical Images Left Exposed Online

A six-month investigation by CybelAngel discovered unsecured sensitive patient data available for third parties to access for blackmail, fraud or other nefarious purposes. More than 45 million medical images—and the personally identifiable information (PII) and personal healthcare information (PHI) associated with them–have been left exposed online due to unsecured technology . . . Read more

Cyber Monday is Every Monday: Securing the ‘New Normal’

From eCommerce threats, to attacks at the smart edge, Fortinet researchers discuss the top evolving threats of 2020, heading into the new year. Derek Manky Though eCommerce threats are usually only top-of-mind during the holiday shopping season, researchers have been on high alert when it comes to cybercriminal activity in . . . Read more

iPhone Bug Allowed for Complete Device Takeover Over the Air

Researcher Ian Beer from Google Project Zero took six months to figure out the radio-proximity exploit of a memory corruption bug that was patched in May. Details tied to a stunning iPhone vulnerability were disclosed by noted Google Project Zero researcher Ian Beer. Apple patched the vulnerability earlier this year. . . . Read more

Some Apple Apps on macOS Big Sur Bypass Content Filters, VPNs

Attackers can exploit the feature and send people’s data directly to remote servers, posing a privacy and security risk, researchers said. Security researchers are blasting Apple for a feature in the latest Big Sur release of macOS that allows some Apple apps to bypasses content filters and VPNs. They say . . . Read more