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Australian Government’s ‘Six Cyber Shields’ Is Potentially a Well-Meaning Skills Crisis

The Australian government is displaying great interest and urgency in addressing the deficiencies in security and regulation that have led to one massive-scale leak after another over the past two years. Just this week, Pizza Hut Australia notified nearly 200,000 customers of a widespread data leak, and the government is . . . Read more

How to Create and Copy SSH Keys with 2 Simple Commands (+Video Tutorial)

SSH keys provide a secure and convenient way to authenticate remote servers. In this step-by-step tutorial, Jack Wallen explains how to easily create and copy SSH keys. [embedded content] If you frequently access remote servers with the help of Secure Shell, I highly recommend you use SSH key authentication for . . . Read more

How to Compare the Contents of Local & Remote Files With the Help of SSH

This is a step-by-step guide on how to compare the contents of local and remote files with the help of SSH. Watch the companion video tutorial by Jack Wallen. [embedded content] Have you ever needed to compare the contents of a local and remote file without having to copy the . . . Read more

Cisco to Acquire Splunk for $28 Billion, Accelerating AI-Enabled Security and Observability

On Thursday Cisco agreed to buy Splunk in a $28 billion deal intended to address AI-enabled security and observability issues. Image: iStockphoto/jejim Cisco announced yesterday its intention to acquire Splunk, a renowned name in data observability and security, in a deal valued at approximately $28 billion. Cisco intends to pay . . . Read more

ProtonVPN Review (2023): Features, Pricing and Alternatives

ProtonVPN Fast facts Our rating: 4.0 stars out of of 5Pricing: Starts at $5.99 per monthKey features Swiss-protected and independently audited VPN. Around 3,000 servers across 65 countries. Free version with unlimited data. Proton VPN is an open-source VPN with a good balance of security and affordability. Its highlight feature . . . Read more

Intel Innovation 2023: Attestation and Fully Homomorphic Encryption Coming to Intel Cloud Services

The attestation service is designed to allow data in confidential computing environments to interact with AI safely, as well as provide policy enforcements and audits. Image: JHVEPhoto/Adobe Stock The second day of announcements at Intel’s Innovation event in San Jose, California focused on privacy and security, including confidential AI. Major . . . Read more

Retailers Are Rapidly Scaling Surveillance of Australian Consumers — Why This Is a Red Flag

IT professionals across sectors that interact with consumers, and retail in particular, need to make themselves aware of the implications of surveillance capitalism because, while there are many legitimate uses that surveillance is being used for, there’s also the concern that poor data shepherding processes could lead to inadvertent misuse . . . Read more

CrowdStrike Fal.Con 2023: CrowdStrike Brings AI and Cloud Application Security to Falcon

At CrowdStrike Fal.Con 2023, CrowdStrike announced a new Falcon Raptor release with generative-AI capabilities and the acquisition of Bionic. Image: Sundry Photography/Adobe Stock At CrowdStrike’s annual Fal.Con show in Las Vegas this week, the company announced a series of enhancements to its Falcon security platform, including a new Raptor release . . . Read more