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Downtime Costs World’s Largest Companies $400 Billion a Year, According to Splunk Report

Unplanned downtime is costing the world’s largest companies $400 billion a year, or roughly 9% of their profits, a new report has found. This is the equivalent of about $9,000 lost for every minute of system failure or service degradation. The report, published by the data management platform Splunk, also . . . Read more

TIOBE Programming Language Index News (June 2024): C++ Rises to Second Place

C++ overtook C in the top three of the TIOBE Programming Language Community Index this month, a significant shakeup following gradual growth of C++ and gradual decline of C over the last year. The consistent upgrades C++ has received since 2011, its performance and its scalability have all helped C++ . . . Read more

5 Best QuickBooks Self-Employed/Solopreneur Alternatives

Intuit QuickBooks is a household name, but its Solopreneur edition can be pricey and complicated. Fortunately, lots of alternatives exist. Wave Accounting is a great all-around winner. For niche needs, FreshBooks and others serve freelancers and smaller entities well. Let’s discover your best alternate options for QuickBooks Solopreneur. Is Solopreneur . . . Read more

WWDC: Apple Intelligence Brings Generative AI to Mail, Messaging and More

Apple is bringing generative AI to Siri and throughout iOS 18, iPad OS 18 and macOS Sequoia, the company announced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10. As was rumored, Apple partnered with OpenAI to link ChatGPT to iOS, iPadOS and macOS. However, Apple Intelligence will be an . . . Read more

Apple WWDC Keynote: Apple’s Next iOS, iPad OS and macOS Sequoia Coming In Fall

Along with finally revealing its move in the AI product wars, Apple showed its next operating systems at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10: iOS 18. iPad OS 18. macOS Sequoia. VisionOS 2 for Apple Vision Pro. iOS 18, iPad OS 18 and macOS Sequoia full releases are coming . . . Read more

10-Step Guide to Closing Your Books at the End of the Year

For small business owners, the end of the year means sealing up loose ends financially. This process is known as “closing the books” in accounting. Ensuring every dollar attributed to one year is recorded accurately is crucial to avoid making the new year inaccurate. The best accounting software, like QuickBooks . . . Read more

Crowdstrike vs Trellix (2024): What Are The Main Differences?

Security threats are a major concern for businesses, as they can have a number of undesirable consequences, including customer data breaches or loss of sensitive data. To protect against these threats, many businesses are turning to endpoint detection and response, or EDR, software. SEE: 10 Myths about Cybersecurity You Shouldn’t . . . Read more

AWS Custom Silicon Chips Range a Sign of What’s Coming to APAC Cloud Computing

The surge in AI computing has resulted in delays to the supply of AI-capable chips, as demand has outstripped supply. Global giants Microsoft, Google and AWS are ramping up custom silicon production to reduce dependence on the dominant suppliers of GPUs, NVIDIA and AMD. As a result, APAC enterprises may . . . Read more