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North Korea’s Kimsuky Evolves into Full-Fledged, Prolific APT

Cybercriminal group Kimsuky has evolved into a full-fledged, persistent threat, carrying out “unusually aggressive” social-engineering attacks aimed at gathering intelligence, and stealing and laundering cryptocurrency to support the North Korean government. Researchers from Mandiant have tracked a number of changes to the activity of the group, which they call APT43, . . . Read more

Cops use fake DDoS services to take aim at wannabe cybercriminals

by Naked Security writer The UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has recently announced work that it’s been doing as an ongoing part of a multinational project dubbed Operation PowerOFF. The idea seems to be to use fake cybercrime-as-a-service sites to attract the attention of impressionable youngsters who are hanging around . . . Read more

How to install and use the Cockpit desktop client for easier remote Linux administration

Make administering all your Cockpit-enabled servers even easier with the help of the Cockpit Client desktop application. [embedded content] Cockpit is a very powerful tool that allows you to manage several aspects, such as Podman containers, users, storage, networking, services, SELinux, software updates and with the help of additional plugins, . . . Read more

Hey, Siri: Hackers Can Control Smart Devices Using Inaudible Sounds

The sensitivity of voice-controlled microphones could allow cyberattackers to issue commands to smartphones, smart speakers, and other connected devices using near-ultrasound frequencies undetectable by humans for a variety of nefarious outcomes — including taking over apps that control home Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The technique, dubbed a Near-Ultrasound Inaudible Trojan . . . Read more

How to prevent fork bombs on your Linux development servers

Learn how to protect your Linux server from the fork bomb denial-of-service attack with this video tutorial by Jack Wallen. [embedded content] Even though the Linux platform you develop on is considered very secure, it doesn’t mean it’s 100% guaranteed to be safe. Case in point: the fork bomb. A . . . Read more

Top invoicing apps for small businesses and self-employed individuals

Small businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs need affordable yet robust tools to start a business and stay in business. These invoicing tools can help. Especially for solopreneurs and small businesses, affordable invoicing apps are essential to keeping on top of billing and receiving payments. The right invoicing app can make it . . . Read more

CISA Releases Hunt Tool for Microsoft’s Cloud Services

The Untitled Goose Tool is the latest tool from the United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to help enterprise security teams respond to attacks. Developed in conjunction with Sandia National Labs, the Untitled Goose Tool “offers novel authentication and data gathering methods for network defenders to use as they . . . Read more