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Delinea Secret Server Introduces MFA Enforcement at Depth to Meet Cyber Insurance Requirements

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Delinea, a leading provider of solutions that seamlessly extend Privileged Access Management (PAM), today announced an update to Secret Server, its award-winning vault solution, introducing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enforcement on credentials. In addition to enforcing MFA at login, this new layer of security reduces risk for highly . . . Read more

6 Best Expense Management Software for 2023

Expense management software simplifies the process of analyzing, tracking and reporting expenses. Explore our list of 6 best expense management software. Expense reimbursement and reconciliation processes can be a burden for businesses, especially if they don’t have an expense management software solution. These tools can transform your expense management procedures, . . . Read more

What Is Data Literacy and Why Is It Important?

Image: VectorMine/Adobe Stock Company leaders looking to gain a competitive edge can prioritize data literacy for employees across departments and at all levels within their organization. But from raw data to business outcomes, data literacy is ripe with challenges. The amount of data businesses generate is only as impressive as . . . Read more

Australian Government’s ‘Six Cyber Shields’ Is Potentially a Well-Meaning Skills Crisis

The Australian government is displaying great interest and urgency in addressing the deficiencies in security and regulation that have led to one massive-scale leak after another over the past two years. Just this week, Pizza Hut Australia notified nearly 200,000 customers of a widespread data leak, and the government is . . . Read more

Chad Taps Huawei for Digital Modernization Project

Chinese technology manufacturer Huawei has signed an agreement with Chad to build a national data center and technology infrastructure in the African country. The move comes amidst growing concern about China’s growing digital presence in the region. While there is no explicit mention of any cybersecurity enablement in the agreement, the . . . Read more

Accounting Software: A Complete Guide for 2023

Understanding finances is an essential aspect of running a successful business, but the days of tracking numbers on nothing more than a wing, a prayer and a spreadsheet are long gone. Instead, most businesses — including sole proprietors working for themselves and accounting departments at international corporations — automate financial . . . Read more

Update on Naked Security

Dear Naked Security readers, Firstly, thank you for your interest, your time, and your contributions to the Naked Security community. Your invaluable engagement and expertise have helped improve cybersecurity for everyone. We have recently added the extensive catalog of Naked Security articles to the Sophos News blog platform, enabling us . . . Read more