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Google Workspace Marketplace: 4 Tips for Choosing the Best Apps

An Independent Security Verification badge is one indication that an app should go to the top of your list when evaluating options in the Google Workspace Marketplace. If you’re a Google Workspace administrator or user selecting an application from the Google Workspace Marketplace, your first task is to make sure . . . Read more

How to Select the Best External Hard Drive for macOS Time Machine Backups

Time Machine lets Mac users easily backup their computer. In this tutorial, learn how to pick a drive and perform your backups automatically. Time Machine is a tried-and-true solution for backing up macOS desktops and laptops. It was introduced in 2007 with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, and since then, . . . Read more

Get a Comprehensive CompTIA Training for Just $80

Work towards a career in tech and get ready for your 2024 CompTIA certification exams with this comprehensive 15 courses bundle. Now at $79.99. Image: StackCommerce If you want to work in IT, there’s a very good chance that you’ll have to earn CompTIA certifications. One of the world’s leading . . . Read more

IT Professionals in ASEAN Confronting Rising Cyber Security Risks

In July 2023, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations officially opened a joint cyber security information sharing and research centre, or Cybersecurity and Information Centre of Excellence, in a bid to increase the region’s shared cyber threat defences. The centre is a response to a changing threat landscape. At the . . . Read more

What Is Log Management? A Complete Guide

Learn the basics of log management, including what logs are, what benefits they can bring, and what features to look for in a log management solution. Log management is an important component of DevOps practices, allowing programmers and project managers to gain insights, troubleshoot issues, and create reliable software. This . . . Read more