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Louisiana Calls Out National Guard to Fight Ransomware Surge

An investigation showed a custom backdoor RAT and the Emotet trojan in the networks of municipal victims of the attacks. The National Guard has been called in to help stop a series of government-focused ransomware attacks in Louisiana, according to a report. Local government offices across the Pelican State have . . . Read more

Election Security: Beyond Mail-In Voting

There are many areas of the election process that criminal hackers can target to influence election results. As a highly publicized event, every four years the U.S presidential election comes with inevitable security risks — and interest from high-level hackers and sophisticated cybercriminals looking to sway its results. The upcoming . . . Read more

Artificial intelligence: Cheat sheet

Learn artificial intelligence basics, business use cases, and more in this beginner’s guide to using AI in the enterprise. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the next big thing in business computing. Its uses come in many forms, from simple tools that respond to customer chat, to complex machine learning systems that . . . Read more

Workhuman wants to certify businesses as just, inclusive, and innovate through new program

Businesses as large as Cisco have already become Workhuman Certified by pledging to adhere to the company’s new Charter of Workplace Rights. Image: iStockphoto/nd3000 Performance management platform Workhuman has launched a new initiative to certify businesses as “workplaces where people have the right to be respected, seen, appreciated, and heard.” . . . Read more

Georgia Election Data Hit in Ransomware Attack

With Election Day approaching, local governments need to be prepared for malware attacks on election infrastructure. Ransomware gangs have officially entered the 2020 election fray, with reports of one of the first breaches of the voting season, on Hall County, Ga. The county’s database of voter signatures was impacted in . . . Read more

COVID-19 Vaccine-Maker Hit with Cyberattack, Data Breach

Dr. Reddy’s, the contractor for Russia’s “Sputinik V” COVID-19 vaccine and a major generics producer, has had to close plants and isolate its data centers.