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How Does Data Literacy Enhance Data Security?

Question: How does data literacy enhance data security in the enterprise, and why is it important to enterprise security? Sam Rehman, SVP and CISO, and Taryn Hess, Ph.D., Principal, Business Consulting, EPAM Systems: The shift to cloud computing is perhaps the most significant tech trend of recent years, with the . . . Read more

Top 7 software development project management tools for 2023

Discover the best software development project management tools for your team. Our guide covers pricing and standout features to help you choose. In the fast-paced world of technology, choosing the right project management tool is vital for success. This article delves into the top seven project management tools for software . . . Read more

With political ‘hacktivism’ on the rise, Google launches Project Shield to fight DDoS attacks

Image: Sundry Photography/Adobe Stock As has been widely documented, distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attacks rose precipitously last year. A microcosm of this upward trend involved exploits targeting public information sites and tied to political events, including the war in Ukraine and the midterm elections in the U.S. In . . . Read more

MacStealer Malware Plucks Bushels of Data From Apple Users

An information-stealing malware that targets Apple’s macOS operating system is making the cyberrounds, siphoning off documents, iCloud keychain data-like passwords, browser cookies, and more from unwitting Apple users. Appropriately dubbed “MacStealer,” it’s going for just $100 per build on the cyber underground, so it’s no surprise that “more MacStealer samples . . . Read more

Cisco is giving Webex a ChatGPT-like AI to enhance hybrid work, customer experience

Video conferencing platform Webex by Cisco is introducing machine learning and generative AI functions meant to improve collaboration at a distance and CRM through enhanced video experiences and ChatGPT-like natural language interfaces. Image: monticellllo/Adobe Stock Cisco is introducing a suite of generative artificial intelligence-driven features in its Webex video conferencing . . . Read more

Microsoft Teams version 2 is Windows only for now

Image: monticellllo/Adobe Stock Given that Microsoft created one of the only Electron-based apps where users don’t complain about performance — Visual Studio Code — it’s always been annoying that the Teams client has been so slow and resource hungry. What Microsoft is hailing as a “new era” of Teams is . . . Read more

Bitwarden Announces Secrets Management With a Combination of Open Source, End-to-End Encryption, and Ease of Use

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.– (March 28, 2023) — Bitwarden, the leading open source password manager trusted by millions, today launched the open beta of Bitwarden Secrets Manager, designed to centrally secure and manage highly sensitive authentication credentials within privileged developer and DevOps environments.  Development teams work across applications and multi-cloud infrastructures, . . . Read more