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Researchers Release Details of New RCE Exploit Chain for SharePoint

Researchers who discovered two critical vulnerabilities in Microsoft SharePoint Server have released details of an exploit they developed that chains the two vulnerabilities together to enable remote code execution on affected servers. Separately, another security researcher this week posted proof-of-concept code on GitHub for one of the SharePoint vulnerabilities that . . . Read more

Microsoft Adds Passkeys to Windows 11

In a major update to its Windows 11 operating system this week, Microsoft has integrated Passkeys alongside Windows Hello, its biometric authentication tool. Passkeys creates a unique credential that allows users to authenticate with their face, fingerprint, or a PIN in a more secure process than the traditional password. Microsoft’s . . . Read more

Head of AI and Similar Leadership Roles are Here to Stay, says Deloitte AI Ethicist

Beena Ammanath. Image: Deloitte Head of AI is a trendy new job title, but do businesses actually need someone in this role? What responsibilities does it entail? We asked Beena Ammanath, executive director of the Deloitte AI Institute, leader of Trustworthy Tech Ethics at Deloitte and author of the book . . . Read more

Azure vs. Google Cloud (2023): A Comprehensive Comparison

Looking to move data around in the cloud? Moving massive amounts of data has become a backbone of business. It might involve switching from one cloud to another, performing continuous on-premises data migration or continuously ingesting data from a social feed without dedicated servers. Cloud migration can be a one-time . . . Read more

How the Okta Cross-Tenant Impersonation Attacks Succeeded

A series of highly sophisticated attacks have sparked significant concerns among organizations that rely on multifactor authentication (MFA), particularly those using vendors like Okta. These attacks have notably targeted hospitality groups and casinos, raising alarm bells across the industry. One particularly concerning method is the cross-tenant impersonation attack, which has . . . Read more

Lenovo’s New TruScale Services Take AI to the Edge for Rapid Business Deployment

Image: Shuo/Adobe Stock Lenovo announced on September 20 the new TruScale for Edge and AI services that are designed to give companies immediate, scalable access to next-generation AI. The company also released the new ThinkEdge SE455 V3 edge server, an AI-ready hardware resource for businesses that build their own edge . . . Read more

Kenyan Financial Firm Fined for Mishandling Data

The Kenyan Data Protection Commissioner has issued monetary penalties to multiple organizations over the mishandling of personal data. Mulla Pride, a digital credit provider that operates the money lending apps KeCredit and Faircash, must pay 2,975,000 Kenyan shilling ($20,114) in fines for collecting names and contact information from a third . . . Read more

Hackers Trick Outlook into Showing Fake AV Scans

Threat actors are employing an existing technique of zero-point font obfuscation in a new way to fool Microsoft Outlook users into believing phishing emails have successfully been vetted by antivirus scans. The technique could improve the likelihood that phishing emails will slip past not only security protections, but also trick . . . Read more