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Battle for the Endpoint

Apr 02, 2021 The idea that thousands of work-from-home employees using personal printers and home Wi-Fi might become the norm for some companies was unthinkable not long ago. But, for the IT security manager, the concept of “endpoint security” has evolved significantly. How is your enterprise approaching the endpoint security . . . Read more

CISA Launches New Threat Detection Dashboard

Enterprise VulnerabilitiesFrom DHS/US-CERT’s National Vulnerability Database CVE-2021-25373PUBLISHED: 2021-04-09 Using unsafe PendingIntent in Customization Service prior to version in Android O(8.x), in Android P(9.0), in Android Q(10.0) and in Android R(11.0) allows local attackers to perform unauthorized action without permission via hijacking the PendingIntent. CVE-2021-25374PUBLISHED: 2021-04-09 An . . . Read more

Microsoft unveils 64-bit version of OneDrive

Compatible with the 64-bit version of Windows, the new flavor of Microsoft’s file backup and syncing tool will better handle large files. Microsoft Microsoft is giving its OneDrive program the 64-bit treatment to take advantage of greater memory and other resources. In a blog post published Thursday, Microsoft announced that . . . Read more

How companies can quickly adapt strategy execution to market disruptions

Legacy business constructs often hinder strategy execution. Find out how your company can accelerate strategy execution and thrive during business fluctuations. Image: iStockphoto/fizkes More for CXOs Today, siloed departments and information; outdated, inflexible processes; and disparate tools and technology still remain a hindrance within many businesses. How can your company . . . Read more