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New Year, New Ransomware: Babuk Locker Targets Large Corporations

Despite being a mostly run-of-the-mill ransomware strain, Babuk Locker’s encryption mechanisms and abuse of Windows Restart Manager sets it apart. Only a few days into the new year, one of the first new ransomware strains of 2021 has been discovered. Dubbed Babuk Locker, the ransomware appears to have successfully compromised . . . Read more

REvil Gang Promises a Big Video-Game Hit; Claims Massive Revenue

In a wide-ranging interview, a REvil leader said the gang is earning $100 million per year, and provided insights into the life of a cybercriminal. The REvil ransomware gang claims it will rake in $100 million by year’s end. That’s according to a REvil group leader in a rare Q&A . . . Read more

REvil ransomware crew dangles $1,000,000 cybercrime carrot

by Paul Ducklin Sadly, we’ve written many times before about RaaS, short for Ransomware-as-a-Service: That’s where the crooks who actually write the ransomware keep themselves out of the limelight by hiring in other crooks to identify victims, get into their networks, spread the malware and trigger the damage: The operators . . . Read more

Jack Daniels, Ritz London Face Cyberattacks

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