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Why Company Values Should be a Top Priority When Looking For a New Job

Written by: Aoibhinn Mc Bride Is the promise of office perks and gym membership schemes enough to attract new employees? Or is it better to invest in a value system that promotes sustainable working practices? Read more… Image: Parradee/Adobe Stock Once upon a time, the promise of ping-pong tables, unlimited . . . Read more

What is Job Title Inflation And Why Does it Happen?

Written by: Kirstie McDermott Since the rise of the tech industry, many jobs have fallen away entirely as the improved productivity and efficiency delivered by technological advances has made roles redundant. Read more to find out where your next opportunity awaits. Image: Andrey Popov Job titles change all the time. . . . Read more

Want a New Job? Explore Opportunities at the 10 Top US Startup Ecosystems

Written by: Kirstie McDermott Silicon Valley is just one of a number of key US startup ecosystems fueling startups, all of which drive investment and job creation: check where new opportunities are in the US right now. Image: Olivier Le Moal/Adobe Stock The classic call and response when the tech . . . Read more

Software Engineers Could Get 30% Time Back Thanks To Generative AI

Generative AI has the potential to automate between 60% to 70% of the work that most of us engage in every day. But for many knowledge workers, generative AI tools are likely to help take back time spent on administrative tasks, freeing up their days for more creative or deep . . . Read more

AI Startups Are Where You Should Look For New Jobs

The hiring landscape is ripe with opportunities, especially when it comes to startups that are focussed on AI and machine learning technology. Find out where to look out for your next job! Image: zakokor/Adobe Stock Picking yourself up after a confidence knock, be it professional or personal, is no easy . . . Read more

How AI Will Impact the Future of Your Work?

The future of work is never set in stone, but the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a game changer. While there are fears around its potential impact on workers, more and more companies are seeking to hire people whose skills match their growing AI needs. Image: mojo_cp/Adobe Stock . . . Read more

TechRepublic and Jobbio’s Amply Network Forge Dynamic Partnership

Empowering tech professionals and employers with unparalleled connections in the digital age. TechRepublic and Jobbio’s Amply network, an innovative talent matching platform, are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership aimed at transforming the way tech professionals and employers connect within the digital landscape. Image: Jobbio In today’s rapidly evolving tech . . . Read more

The best onboarding software for new employees in 2023

Hiring new talent is an ongoing necessity for growing companies. However, bringing a new hire on board can be a challenging and sometimes-overwhelming process as you manage different types of paperwork, grant access to various company systems, manage employee benefits, set up credentials, and ensure the new hire feels welcome, . . . Read more

Survey: Cybersecurity Skills Shortage is ‘Bad,’ But There’s Hope

Automation, strategic process design and an investment in training are the keys to managing the cybersecurity skills gap, according to a recent survey from Trustwave. More than half of cybersecurity professionals in a recent survey — 57 percent — reported that the cybersecurity skills shortage is either “bad” or “very . . . Read more