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Kaspersky Study: Devices Infected With Data-Stealing Malware Increased by 7 Times Since 2020

The number of devices infected with data-stealing malware in 2023 was 9.8 million, a sevenfold increase over the same figure for 2020, according to new research from Kaspersky Digital Footprint Intelligence. However, the researchers believe that the true figure could be as high as 16 million, as credentials from devices . . . Read more

Sophos Study: 94% of Ransomware Victims Have Their Backups Targeted By Attackers

Organisations that have backed up their sensitive data may believe they are relatively safe from ransomware attacks; however, this is not the case based on findings from a new study from IT security company Sophos. The report showed that cybercriminals attempted to compromise the backups of 94% of companies hit . . . Read more

Asia-Pacific Ransomware Threats Depend on Country and Sector, Says Rapid7

Raj Samani, Chief Scientist. Image: Rapid7 New research from cyber security firm Rapid7 has shown the ransomware attacks that IT and security professionals are up against in APAC are far from uniform, and they would be better off tapping intelligence that sheds light on attack trends in their specific jurisdiction . . . Read more

New Vulnerabilities in ConnectWise ScreenConnect Massively Exploited by Attackers

Two new vulnerabilities impact ConnectWise ScreenConnect, remote desktop and access software used for support: CVE-2024-1709 and CVE-2024-1708, with the former being particularly dangerous for organizations. The CVE-2024-1709 vulnerability, which affects ScreenConnect 23.9.7 and prior, allows any remote attacker to bypass authentication to delete the ScreenConnect user database and get control . . . Read more

Google Cloud’s Nick Godfrey Talks Security, Budget and AI for CISOs

Image: Adobe/Sundry Photography As senior director and global head of the office of the chief information security officer (CISO) at Google Cloud, Nick Godfrey oversees educating employees on cybersecurity as well as handling threat detection and mitigation. We conducted an interview with Godfrey via video call about how CISOs and . . . Read more

Ransomware’s Impact Could Include Heart Attacks, Strokes & PTSD

Ransomware incidents cause significant harm at many levels, including to physical and mental health; new research from U.K. security think tank Royal United Services Institute has classified this impact into three categories (Figure A): First-order harms: The harms to organizations and their staff. Examples include data loss, reputational harm and . . . Read more

National Cyber Security Centre Study: Generative AI May Increase Global Ransomware Threat

The U.K.’s National Cyber Security Centre has released a new study that finds generative AI may increase risks from cyber threats such as ransomware. Overall, the report found that generative AI will provide “capability uplift” to existing threats as opposed to being a source of brand new threats. Threat actors . . . Read more

Award Winning Antivirus, On Sale for $25, Offers Elite Protection from Malware

Image: StackCommerce TL;DR: Protect your computer from common viruses and other forms of malware, including ransomware and rootkits, with the ESET NOD32 Antivirus 2024 Edition, on sale for just $24.99 through January 14. Cybercrime has long been a problem for businesses. Now that hackers have access to AI and machine . . . Read more

Google Cloud’s Cybersecurity Predictions of 2024 and Look Back at 2023

Google Cloud’s team recently spoke about the most notable cybersecurity threats of 2023 — multi-faceted extortion and zero-day exploitation — and predicted more zero-day attacks in 2024, during two public, virtual sessions. Plus, Google predicts that both attackers and defenders will continue to use generative AI. However, generative AI probably . . . Read more

BlackCat Ransomware Site Seized in International Takedown Effort

The ransomware group, which has distributed ransomware to more than 1,000 victims, reportedly recovered control of its website on Tuesday. Learn how to defend against ransomware. Image: Adobe/igor.nazlo On Dec. 19, the Department of Justice announced the FBI had been working on a disruption campaign against the ransomware group known . . . Read more