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MOTOTRBO Test Equipment

I am sometimes asked about test equipment for MOTOTRBO – specifically Communications Analyzers. In all cases, existing analogue (only) test equipment can be used as all MOTOTRBO radios have a test mode which allows the radio to be tested in analogue mode. The rule is: if the radio works correctly . . . Read more

Roaming RSSI Threshold

The Roaming RSSI Threshold is a CPS configurable parameter, that controls the signal strength a radio needs to see before searching for another site. If the RSSI measurement of the site, which the radio is on now, is above the specified Roaming RSSI Threshold, then the radio will remain on . . . Read more

The (other) RSSI Threshold

To facilitate the use of a shared physical channel, a repeater in an IP Site Connect; Capacity Plus  or Linked Capacity Plus system, will monitor its RX frequency and will not transmit if the RSSI from signals from another radio system is greater than a configurable threshold. This ensures that . . . Read more

Adaptive Rest Channel Rotation

Although this is a minor enhancement to MOTOTRBO, I think Adaptive Rest Channel Rotation is quite important. Normally in a Capacity Plus or Linked Capacity Plus network, the Rest Channel will move to the next available slot once a call is set up. Therefore, if the system is quiet, the rest . . . Read more

Over The Air IMPRES Battery Management

Motorola IMPRES Battery Fleet Management saves the guesswork, complexity, and costs of managing hundreds, even thousands of radio batteries and makes things easier for users to do their work safely and successfully. The IMPRES Battery Fleet Management software records and organizes a variety of data so the system manager can . . . Read more

What is a color code in DMR?

In digital mode, all MOTOTRBO radios support a feature known as Color Code (USA: Color, everywhere else: Colour). In fact this is defined in the ETSI DMR standard. In a MOTOTRBO radio or repeater, there is a color code field which allows the selection of one of 15 colour codes. . . . Read more

Dynamic Mixed Mode

Dynamic Mixed Mode (DMM) allows customers to easily migrate from analogue to digital with minimal disruption. It works by allowing analogue and digital radio users to use the same repeater. In DMM, the repeater dynamically switches between analog and digital modes based on the call it receives from radios. If . . . Read more

Understanding the fleet number etc. used in some DMR Tier 3

One of the steps in getting a MOTOTRBO radio onto another vendors DMR Tier 3 compliant system, is to convert the assigned Fleet Individual Identity (FFFGGNNN) into the DMR Air Interface Address (Radio ID). Some vendors use a proposed Dialing Plan discussed in Annex E of ETSI TS 102-361 §4. . . . Read more

TX Preamble Duration

TX Preamble is a string of null bits added in front of a data or control message. This has the effect of prolonging the message hence reducing the chances of it being missed by a receiving radio while it is scanning. The CPS TX Preamble Duration defines the amount of . . . Read more

What does Hang Time do?

The Group Call Hang Time sets the duration, during which a radio will talk back to a received call or continue a transmitted Group Call, using the previously received or transmitted Group ID. After expiration of the Group Call Hang Timer, the radio will transmit using the TX Contact Name (Talkgroup . . . Read more