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Is the Australian Government’s Quantum Computing Gamble Good for the Local IT Industry?

Over the last year, Australia’s potential to become a leader in quantum computing was given a number: potentially adding $6 billion to the economy in the coming decades. Now, there is meaningful progress being made towards this ambition, and in the medium term, the IT industry needs to prepare for . . . Read more

Breakthrough in Quantum Cloud Computing Ensures its Security and Privacy

Businesses are one step closer to quantum cloud computing, thanks to a breakthrough made in its security and privacy by scientists at Oxford University. The researchers used an approach dubbed ‘blind quantum computing’ to connect two quantum computing entities (Figure A); this simulates the situation where an employee at home . . . Read more

UK Government Puts £45 Million Toward Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is the focus of a £45 million ($57 million) investment by the U.K. government announced on Feb. 5. The money goes toward finding practical uses for quantum computing and creating a “quantum-enabled economy” by 2033. Government investment goes to prototypes and business accelerator Of the total investment, £30 . . . Read more

AI Ranked the Most Important Technology in 2024, IEEE Survey Finds

Extended reality, cloud computing, 5G and electric vehicles are also in the top five, according to the global survey of CIOs, CTOs and tech leaders. Image: putilov_denis/Adobe Stock Different aspects of artificial intelligence – predictive and generative AI, machine learning and natural language processing – will be the most important . . . Read more

Leading CISO Wants More Security Proactivity in Australian Businesses to Avoid Attack ‘Surprises’

The complexity and change experienced by organisations as they grow is one reason we are seeing similar cyber security risks to a decade ago, says Rapid7’s CISO Jaya Baloo. However, quantum computing is one emerging risk where we could stay ahead of the game. Jaya Baloo, chief information security officer . . . Read more

Deloitte: Many Organizations Don’t Know If They Have Ethical Standards for Using Generative AI

While many companies have been dipping their toes into generative AI pilots, 56% don’t know whether they have ethical standards in place guiding its use, according to a new report from Deloitte. Almost three-quarters (74%) said their companies have begun testing generative AI, while 65% are already using it inside . . . Read more

Interview: Quantum Test Chip Lets Intel and Researchers Shape What Comes Next for Quantum Computing

Will quantum computing ever be practical? Maybe. Intel thinks it has a solution with the Tunnel Falls quantum research chip, which has grown out of the company’s plan for manufacturing quantum chips using relatively conventional silicon. Intel is testing the Tunnel Falls chip at universities and national laboratories across the . . . Read more

Quantum Computing: Australia’s Next Great Tech Challenge & Opportunity

Quantum computing offers a massive $6B opportunity for Australia in the coming decades, but policies need to be made now to ensure its ethical use in the future. Image: Damian Sobczyk/Adobe Stock While so much of the civilian world is focused on determining the impact of AI on our lives, . . . Read more

Is Quantum Computing Right for Your Business?

Learn about the benefits and use cases of quantum computing. Also, get details about quantum cryptography from an expert. Image: Panchenko Vladimir/Shutterstock Investors dedicated $2.35 billion to quantum technology startups in 2022, according to McKinsey & Company. With quantum technologies proliferating, business leaders may be wondering whether quantum computing is . . . Read more

Quantum computing gets hardware boost with spin glass breakthrough

Enterprises can take advantage of D-Wave’s newly published optimization improvement through a hardware-sharing cloud service. Image: Pixabay One of the challenges in quantum computing is overcoming 3D spin-glass optimization limitations, which can slow down quantum simulation meant to solve real-world optimization problems. An experimental solution is D-Wave’s Advantage quantum computer, . . . Read more