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Intel Lunar Lake NPU Brings 48 TOPS of AI Acceleration

On June 4 at Computex, held in Taiwan, Intel announced the next generation of its AI PC products: the Lunar Lake client processor architecture. Other reveals from Intel at the international computer expo were: Pricing for the Intel Gaudi 2 and Gaudi 3 AI accelerator kits. The release of Intel . . . Read more

Gartner Predicts Worldwide Chip Revenue Will Gain 33% in 2024

It’s no secret the AI accelerator business is hot today, with semiconductor manufacturers spinning up neural processing units, and the AI PC initiative driving more powerful processors into laptops, desktops and workstations. Gartner studied the AI chip industry and found that, in 2024, worldwide AI chip revenue is predicted to . . . Read more

Microsoft Build 2024: Copilot AI Will Gain ‘Personal Assistant’ and Custom Agent Capabilities

Following the announcements of Copilot+ enabled AI PCs at the Microsoft Build developer event on May 20, Microsoft released new developer tools, enhancements to Microsoft Azure AI and new enterprise options for Copilot. GitHub Copilot received a lengthy list of new capabilities enabled by first- and third-party services. Meanwhile, reactions . . . Read more

MWC Barcelona 2024: Humane Demonstrates Its Wearable Ai Pin

Members of the mobile and telecommunications industries have gathered at Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, held Feb. 26-29. The main trends at MWC so far are AI, 5G and always-on connectivity. We’re rounding up the enterprise business tech news from MWC that is most relevant for IT and tech . . . Read more

Attackers Could Eavesdrop on AI Conversations on Apple, AMD, Imagination and Qualcomm GPUs

Researchers at cybersecurity research and consulting firm Trail of Bits have discovered a vulnerability that could allow attackers to read GPU local memory from affected Apple, Qualcomm, AMD and Imagination GPUs. In particular, the vulnerability—which the researchers named LeftoverLocals—can access conversations performed with large language models and machine learning models . . . Read more

CES 2024: 5 Top Business Tech Trends

Although CES is consumer-focused, many of the tools and technologies at the large trade show in Las Vegas can help businesses. Here are our picks for the most noteworthy products and trends at CES 2024, including versatile laptops, a handheld generative AI assistant, elegant TVs and mixed reality for immersive . . . Read more

CES 2024: Qualcomm AI Chip for Virtual Reality Could Compete with Apple

Qualcomm made two big reveals at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, including detailing its on-device AI for the Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 chip for virtual and mixed reality headsets. Qualcomm continued the classic CES trend of showing off the latest automotive tech with its Snapdragon Digital Chassis platform, which enables . . . Read more

Microsoft Announces New Maia 100 and Cobalt 100 Chips

The Maia and Cobalt custom chips will be available within Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure. Microsoft will make two new chips available next year, the tech giant announced at the Microsoft Ignite conference on Nov. 15. The Microsoft Azure Maia 100 is designed for AI workloads, and the Microsoft Cobalt 100 CPU . . . Read more

Samsung Research Reveals Generative AI Samsung Gauss

The Samsung Gauss large language model can assist with code writing and document analysis. Samsung Research has revealed a generative AI assistant called Samsung Gauss that the research group uses internally but may eventually appear in Samsung’s consumer phones. Samsung Gauss is intended to improve work efficiency by making composing . . . Read more

Qualcomm Claims Snapdragon X Elite Platform for Windows PCs Will Rival Apple Chips

Generative AI workloads will be able to run on-chip in the Snapdragon X Elite. Qualcomm claims the Snapdragon X Elite exceeds Apple’s M2 Max chip’s power and energy use. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite, a system-on-chip platform for Windows PCs announced at Snapdragon Summit in Maui on October 24, marks a . . . Read more