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Best Productivity Apps & Software for Your Team in 2023

The sole of every company is how productive their team is and how to achieve sustainable workflows. With the power of productivity software, you can evaluate your performance, make changes and accomplish more. The selection of software on this list can help you focus on productivity as well as pull . . . Read more

Buildertrend vs Procore (2023): Which Construction Software is Worth it?

Buildertrend or Procore? This guide compares the features, pros, cons, and pricing of each construction software to help you make an informed decision. Buildertrend and Procore are highly-rated software tools in the realm of construction project management. Buildertrend is more focused on residential construction projects, as it offers a suite . . . Read more

Best Brainstorming Tools for Better Collaboration & Ideation in 2023

Here are the top brainstorming tools that can enhance creativity, collaboration, and idea generation for your team. Find the perfect tool for your team. The human mind is a complex system with billions of neurons that allow it to perform many functions, one of which is to think and generate . . . Read more

Best Document Workflow Software of 2023

Explore our picks of the best document workflow software options. Compare features, pricing, pros, and cons to find the best solution for your team. If you’re stuck emailing documents back and forth for feedback — or even worse, printing them out — document workflow software can help your company digitize and . . . Read more

Best Document Management Software of 2023

Explore the top document management software options, their features, and how they optimize your document management, collaboration, and workflows. The right document management software makes it a snap to manage a content library, collaborate on files, gather eSignatures and digitize print documents. We’ve rounded up the best document management software . . . Read more

Taskade vs. Notion (2023): Which Tool is Better for your Business?

Are you shopping for a productivity tool? Taskade and Notion are popular apps for taking notes and managing tasks. Both combine various useful features to create all-in-one solutions, including document collaboration, project and task management and artificial intelligence (AI) assistance. But which one should you choose? In this comprehensive guide, . . . Read more

Top 8 Procore Alternatives and Competitors for 2023

Procore is a thorough construction management platform that offers a wide array of features, including project management, financials, quality and safety and field productivity through a unified platform. However, for various reasons such as its pricing model and a learning curve, it may not be a fit for all kinds . . . Read more

8 Best Proposal Management Software of 2023

Navigating the complexities of proposal management can be a stressful task for businesses of all sizes. Proposal management software streamlines this process, offering tools to create, send, track and manage proposals efficiently. In a market brimming with diverse options, selecting the right software can significantly impact your team’s efficiency, accessibility, . . . Read more

Best Screen Sharing Software & Apps for 2023

Remote collaboration is a huge asset for teams across the country or globe, but communication breaks down if you can’t share ideas. If you’re presenting in a meeting, learning new software, creating original designs or developing video tutorials, the ability to share your screen and show your work is vital. . . . Read more

8 Best Digital Asset Management Software for 2023

Digital asset management (DAM) software provides a platform for managing digital rights and permissions as well as organizing, storing and retrieving rich media assets such as audio, images, videos, animations, podcasts, logos and other multimedia content. DAM software provides a platform for managing the entire lifecycle of digital assets, including . . . Read more