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WooCommerce Payments plugin for WordPress has an admin-level hole – patch now!

by Paul Ducklin Security holes in WordPress plugins that could allow other people to poke around your WordPress site are always bad news. Even if all you’re running is a basic setup that doesn’t have customer accounts and doesn’t collect or process any personal information such as names and email . . . Read more

Bitcoin ATM customers hacked by video upload that was actually an app

by Paul Ducklin There are plenty of military puns in operating system history. Unix famously has a whole raft of personnel known as Major Number, who organise the batallions of devices such as disk drives, keyboards and webcams in your system. Microsoft once struggled with the apparently incompetent General Failure, . . . Read more

S3 Ep 126: The price of fast fashion (and feature creep) [Audio + Text]

by Paul Ducklin THE PRICE OF FAST FASHION Lucky Thirteen! The price of fast fashion. Firefox fixes. Feature creep fail curtailed in Patch Tuesday. No audio player below? Listen directly on Soundcloud. With Paul Ducklin and Chester Wisniewski. Intro and outro music by Edith Mudge. You can listen to us . . . Read more