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Microsoft Power BI Review (2023): Features, Pros & Cons

Microsoft Power BI’s fast facts Pricing: Paid plans start at $10 per user per month. Key Features: Real-time dashboards. Data modeling. Custom visualizations. Integration with Microsoft products. Mobile accessibility. Free Trial: 30 days Power BI is a market leader in the data visualization and business intelligence arena. With its cloud-based . . . Read more

How to Use Microsoft Lists With Power BI

To use Microsoft Lists data in Power BI, you can use a SharePoint connector for quick access. I’ll show you how. Microsoft Lists is a great way to share data; other users can view and even edit these lists if the author gives permission. If you have a Microsoft 365 . . . Read more

Top 7 Power BI Alternatives and Competitors in 2023

Microsoft Power BI is a frequent contender as the platform of choice that empowers nontechnical business users to find their own actionable solutions. Power BI owes its favored status to more than just the market penetration of its parent company Microsoft. It’s a powerful tool in its own right. Power . . . Read more

How to Add a Year-to-Date Running Total in Microsoft Power BI

Image: monticellllo/Adobe Stock Calculating a year-to-date total is a common task when tracking income, and fortunately, it’s easy to add to a Power BI report. It’s a type of running total — a continually adjusting total that adds and subtracts values as they occur for a specific year. When you . . . Read more

How to Sort One Column by Another Column in Power BI

Unlike Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI doesn’t have the ability to build custom sorts. However, you can sort one column by another, which is effectively the same thing and easy to implement. In this tutorial, I will show you how to sort a Power BI column by another column. I’m . . . Read more