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What Is Single Touch Payroll (STP) and How It Works?

Single touch payroll is a payroll initiative from the Australian government. With single touch payroll, companies report employees’ payroll information directly to the government each time they run payroll. Read on to discover how single touch payroll works and what the benefits are. 3 QuickBooks Company Size Employees per Company . . . Read more

5 Best Expense Tracker Apps for 2024

Expense management is crucial for businesses. These handy digital tools simplify how organizations record, manage and analyze expenditures. However, each platform targets different demographics. Some, like Zoho Expense, deliver an excellent all-around approach that welcomes beginners. Others, like QuickBooks Online, are more complex for long-term scalability. Don’t worry if this . . . Read more

6 Best Airbnb Accounting Software in 2024

Rental properties have always been a leading method of generating revenue. But newer models of short-term renting using platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo and the like add a number of complications that can make the management portion of property management more challenging than usual. Since much of that challenge comes down . . . Read more

Quicken vs. QuickBooks (2024): Accounting Software Comparison

Although Quicken and QuickBooks sound related, they’re entirely different small-business accounting platforms. Quicken costs less but lacks power, but it’s undoubtedly better for beginners and simpler operations, though you’ll need a dedicated desktop computer for the task. Meanwhile, QuickBooks Online is more advanced. It can stick with you through any . . . Read more

What Is Bank Reconciliation? Definition, Process,and Example

Reconciling your bank transactions to your business book is essential to the financial health of your company. However, if you’ve never reconciled your company’s transactions before, the process can sound a bit intimidating. Read on to discover the essential steps in bank reconciliation and to see several examples of what . . . Read more

isolved Payroll Review (2024): Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

isolved’s fast facts Starting price: Custom quote.Key features: Automated direct deposit. Benefits administration. Performance management. Time tracking. If you’re looking for an all-in-one payroll and HR platform, then isolved might fit the bill. But with so many other similar options on the market, how can you know that isolved is . . . Read more

6 Best Accounting Software for Handyman Businesses for 2024

Service professionals, contractors and handymen need top-notch accounting software to track finances behind the scenes. Yet, the vast selection of platforms and features complicates the buying process. Luckily, there are six top choices particularly worth considering. Zoho Books is a great overall pick for its comprehensiveness. Meanwhile, Wave Accounting’s free . . . Read more

TurboTax Review (2024): Products, Features and Pricing Plans

TurboTax’s fast facts Starting price: $89Key features: Q&A-based interface. Intuitive design. On-demand expert advice. Audit support and defense. Image: Intuit TurboTax is the most popular tax filing software in the United States. However, many people have been left wondering if TurboTax is still the best choice to file their taxes . . . Read more