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Why It’s Crucial to Classify Your Employees Correctly (1099 Contractors vs. W-2 Employees)

In the United States, W-2 is the standard employee classification, while 1099 contractors are independent freelancers, contractors and other short-term workers. Misclassifying a W-2 employee as a 1099 contractor carries hefty financial, legal and sometimes even criminal penalties — but figuring out the difference between 1099 contractors vs. W-2 employees can . . . Read more

What Is Single Touch Payroll (STP) and How It Works?

Single touch payroll is a payroll initiative from the Australian government. With single touch payroll, companies report employees’ payroll information directly to the government each time they run payroll. Read on to discover how single touch payroll works and what the benefits are. 3 QuickBooks Company Size Employees per Company . . . Read more

isolved Payroll Review (2024): Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

isolved’s fast facts Starting price: Custom quote.Key features: Automated direct deposit. Benefits administration. Performance management. Time tracking. If you’re looking for an all-in-one payroll and HR platform, then isolved might fit the bill. But with so many other similar options on the market, how can you know that isolved is . . . Read more

SurePayroll vs. Gusto (2024): Which Payroll Software Is Better?

SurePayroll is a more affordable small-business payroll software than Gusto, while Gusto offers more HR tools, reporting and integrations to compensate for the higher cost. To help you figure out if you should save money with SurePayroll or invest in Gusto’s more extensive features, we compare the platforms head-to-head on all their . . . Read more

Top 6 TriNet Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

TriNet is a comprehensive professional employer organization (PEO) that provides businesses with payroll, benefits administration, and HR services all in one platform, making it a popular choice for businesses of various types and sizes. While TriNet offers a range of features, some alternatives are better suited for certain businesses based . . . Read more

Payroll Software vs. HRIS vs. ERP vs. HCM: Which Software Is Right for You?

There are more HR software solutions on the market than ever before, which makes choosing between them difficult. Will a standalone payroll software suffice, or should you opt for HRIS software instead? Would HCM’s more comprehensive features be a better fit for your company than HRIS? Is ERP software too . . . Read more

Paylocity vs ADP (2024): Which Payroll Software is Better?

Both ADP and Paylocity serve broad human resource and payroll needs, but they target different types of businesses. ADP is a goliath platform that can tackle any administrative need — for a price. It isn’t for beginners or those with smaller budgets. Paylocity, on the other hand, is a more . . . Read more