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WordPress plugin lets users become admins – Patch early, patch often!

by Paul Ducklin If you run a WordPress site with the Ultimate Members plugin installed, make sure you’ve updated it to the latest version. Over the weekend, the plugin’s creator published version 2.6.7, which is supposed to patch a serious security hole, described by user @softwaregeek on the WordPress support . . . Read more

Apple patch fixes zero-day kernel hole reported by Kaspersky – update now!

by Paul Ducklin Right at the start of June 2023, well-known Russian cybersecurity outfit Kaspersky reported on a previously unknown strain of iPhone malware. Most notable about the original story was its strapline: Targeted attack on [Kaspersky] management with the Triangulation Trojan. Although the company ultimately said, “We’re confident that . . . Read more

Apple delivers first-ever Rapid Security Response “cyberattack” patch – leaves some users confused

by Paul Ducklin We’ve written about the uncertainty of Apple’s security update process many times before. We’ve had urgent updates accompanied by email notifications that warned us of zero-day bugs that needed fixing right away, because crooks were already onto them… …but without even the vaguest description of what sort . . . Read more

Double zero-day in Chrome and Edge – check your versions now!

by Paul Ducklin If you’re a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser fan, you’re probably getting updates automatically and you’re probably up to date already. However… …just in case you’ve missed any updates recently, we suggest you go and check right now, because the Chromium browser core, on which both . . . Read more