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Microsoft Build 2023: Microsoft extends its Copilots with open standard plugins

Image: Adobe Stock Microsoft’s Build developer conference has pulled back the curtain on how it wants developers to add custom content and application integration to its Copilot applications. It’s an approach that should make them more relevant and less likely to go off the rails, focusing their output on specific . . . Read more

White House addresses AI’s risks and rewards as security experts voice concerns about malicious use

Image: Shuo/Adobe Stock The White House, last week, released a statement about the use of artificial intelligence, including large language models like ChatGPT. The statement addressed concerns about AI being used to spread misinformation, biases and private data, and announced a meeting by Vice President Kamala Harris with leaders of . . . Read more

GPT-4 cheat sheet: What is GPT-4 & what is it capable of?

Image: LALAKA/Adobe Stock GPT-4 is an artificial intelligence large language model system that can mimic human-like speech and reasoning. It does so by training on a vast library of existing human communication, from classic works of literature to large swaths of the internet. Artificial intelligence of this type builds on . . . Read more

Google may add new AI features to search, The New York Times reports

Internal Google messages reveal changes in response to the rapidly-moving field of artificial intelligence in search engines. Image: Sundry Photography/Adobe Stock Microsoft’s Bing has long been a side note when it comes to search engines, languishing in relative obscurity, while Googling has been commonly used  as a verb in casual . . . Read more

Microsoft adds GPT-4 to its defensive suite in Security Copilot

The new AI security tool, which can answer questions about vulnerabilities and reverse-engineer problems, is now in preview. Image: Adobe Stock/alvaher AI hands are reaching further into the tech industry. Microsoft has added Security Copilot, a natural language chatbot that can write and analyze code, to its suite of products . . . Read more

Learn how to deploy ChatGPT in your business with this $20 training

Grab the training on a special price drop, ending 4/3. Image: StackCommerce Over these past couple of months, ChatGPT has been all over the news. But this AI tool isn’t just a passing craze. Many businesses are already leveraging the technology to get ahead of the competition. The Complete ChatGPT . . . Read more