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Millions of Apple Applications Were Vulnerable to CocoaPods Supply Chain Attack

Many macOS and iOS applications were open to a vulnerability in CocoaPods, an open-source dependency manager, E.V.A. Information Security revealed on July 1. The vulnerability has been patched since EVA first discovered it, and no attacks have occurred that are conclusively related to it. However, the case is interesting because . . . Read more

CISA Report Finds Most Open-Source Projects Contain Memory-Unsafe Code

More than half of open-source projects contain code written in a memory-unsafe language, a report from the U.S.’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has found. Memory-unsafe means the code allows for operations that can corrupt memory, leading to vulnerabilities like buffer overflows, use-after-free and memory leaks. The report’s results, published . . . Read more

Some Open Source Software Licences are Only ‘Open-ish,’ Says Thoughtworks

It has been estimated 90% of organisations use some form of open source software, and if they needed to go and code it again themselves, it would cost USD $9 trillion. This makes open source a huge global economic resource. However, some tools have shifted to commercial models in recent . . . Read more

The 10 Best Python Courses That are Worth Taking in 2024

Python continues to reign supreme as the world’s most popular programming language, according to the TIOBE Index. This versatile and user-friendly language, named after beloved British comedy troupe Monty Python, has become an essential tool for developers, data scientists and tech enthusiasts alike. Python’s simplicity and readability make the programming . . . Read more

Cisco Talos: LilacSquid Threat Actor Targets Multiple Sectors Worldwide With PurpleInk Malware

A new report from Cisco Talos exposed the activities of a threat actor known as LilacSquid, or UAT-4820. The threat actor exploits vulnerable web applications or uses compromised Remote Desktop Protection credentials to successfully compromise systems by infecting them with custom PurpleInk malware. So far, organizations in various sectors in . . . Read more

IBM’s Think 2024 News That Should Help Skills & Productivity Issues in Australia

IBM uses its annual Think conference as a platform to highlight movements in its business and present innovation, and this year was no exception. During this year’s Think event, held May 20-23 in Boston, the tech giant announced several updates to its watsonx platform, promising to make artificial intelligence more . . . Read more

Google, Microsoft, Meta and More to Develop Open Standard for AI Chip Components in UALink Promoter Group

AMD, Broadcom, Cisco, Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Intel, Meta and Microsoft are combining their expertise to create an open industry standard for an AI chip technology called Ultra Accelerator Link. The setup will improve high-speed and low latency communications between AI accelerator chips in data centres. An open standard . . . Read more

Snowflake Arctic, a New AI LLM for Enterprise Tasks, is Coming to APAC

Data cloud provider Snowflake has launched an open source large language model, Arctic LLM, as part of a growing portfolio of AI offerings helping enterprises leverage their data. Typical use cases include data analysis, including sentiment analysis of reviews, chatbots for customer service or sales, and business intelligence queries, like . . . Read more

U.K.’s AI Safety Institute Launches Open-Source Testing Platform

The U.K.’s AI Safety Institute has released a free, open-source testing platform that evaluates the safety of new AI models. Dubbed Inspect, the toolset should provide a “consistent approach” towards the creation of secure AI applications around the world. Inspect is the first AI safety testing platform created by a . . . Read more

Udemy Report: Which IT Skills Are Most in Demand in Q1 2024?

The tech industry courses people are taking online can tell a lot about which IT skills are in demand and what paths to careers look like today. Udemy is an online learning platform that collects data quarterly about which courses on its platform are most in demand. We’ve dialed in . . . Read more