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Craft Docs Review (2024): Pricing, Features & Ease Of Use

Craft’s fast facts Starting price: $8 per month Key features: Collaborative document editing. Templates. AI document editor. Cross-platform support. Craft Docs is easily a favorite among professionals in need of an intuitive note-taking solution. Known for its clean interface and versatile functionality, Craft is designed to enhance productivity through open-ended . . . Read more

Top 5 To-Do List Apps for 2024 (Free & Paid)

Best to-do list overall: Todoist Best for complex task management: ClickUp Best to-do list for note taking: Notion Best to-do list app for Macs: Things 3 Best to-do list app that syncs with Google Calendar: TickTick If you’re still keeping track of your to-dos on a sticky note or scrap . . . Read more

The 5 Best Digital Planners That Are Worth Using in 2024

If you still associate planners with the spiral bound notebooks of your middle-school days, think again. Planners have gotten a huge digital upgrade, and now there’s no reason to use a traditional planner unless you prefer the tactile feel of pages (and having to make all the changes by hand . . . Read more

ClickUp vs Notion (2024): Which Tool Is Better For Your Team?

ClickUp and Notion are two versatile project management software solutions that offer various features to help teams stay organized and productive. They seem similar when compared based on readily visible features, but with an in-depth analysis of their functionalities, strengths and weaknesses, you will find that each tool has unique . . . Read more

Slack Rolls Out Generative AI Search and Summarization

Slack announced in September 2023 its intent to add generative AI features, and today the messaging application company rolled out its AI assistance. Slack’s new generative AI features are designed to increase workers’ productivity by consolidating messages and smart searches. For IT and cybersecurity professionals, Slack summaries can offer quick . . . Read more

Taskade vs. Notion (2023): Which Tool is Better for your Business?

Are you shopping for a productivity tool? Taskade and Notion are popular apps for taking notes and managing tasks. Both combine various useful features to create all-in-one solutions, including document collaboration, project and task management and artificial intelligence (AI) assistance. But which one should you choose? In this comprehensive guide, . . . Read more

Notion vs Asana (2023): Which tool is better for your business?

Notion and Asana are excellent options for organizations to streamline their task management. Notion is a project and task management tool that helps users work together to plan, track and manage their work tasks in one accessible digital place. On the other hand, Asana offers a solution that enables users . . . Read more

10 Best Agency Project Management Software for 2023

With client expectations going through the roof, agencies need the right tools to help them organize, manage and track their projects and tasks. Agency project management software does just that. From task coordination to team collaboration, agency management tools are essential as they can significantly boost your agency’s efficiency by . . . Read more

Notion vs. Monday (2023): Which Software Should You Use?

The best project management tool doesn’t need to have all the best features available to be the best fit. It just needs to meet your specific needs, whether it’s accommodating freelancer collaboration or AI generation. While Notion and monday.com have several features in common, they also have their own unique . . . Read more

Airtable vs. Notion (2023): Which Is Best For Your Team?

Both Airtable and Notion offer a unique combination of productivity features, which is why neither of them has competitors that can exactly replicate what they do. Airtable and Notion also don’t overlap with each other as much as you might think, although they can both be used for project management. . . . Read more