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Report: Organisations Have Endpoint Security Tools But Are Still Falling Short on the Basics

Most IT and security teams would agree that ensuring endpoint security and network access security applications are running in compliance with security policies on managed PCs should be a basic task. Even more basic would be ensuring these applications are present on devices. And yet, many organisations still fail to . . . Read more

Gartner: 4 Bleeding-Edge Technologies in Australia

For IT leaders, it is an exciting and challenging time. On the one hand, there is the need to be in a state of constant innovation. On the other hand, understanding where that innovation comes from and where the best areas to direct limited resources are can be difficult. Finding . . . Read more

4 IoT Trends U.K. Businesses Should Watch in 2024

The realm of the Internet of Things encompasses more than just the latest products. As the network of connected devices grows — the number worldwide is expected to reach over 29 billion in 2027 — so do the policies, responsibilities and innovations that surround it, all of which contribute to . . . Read more

Prompt Hacking, Private GPTs, Zero-Day Exploits and Deepfakes: Report Reveals the Impact of AI on Cyber Security Landscape

AI’s newfound accessibility will cause a surge in prompt hacking attempts and private GPT models used for nefarious purposes, a new report revealed. Experts at the cyber security company Radware forecast the impact that AI will have on the threat landscape in the 2024 Global Threat Analysis Report. It predicted . . . Read more

Breakthrough in Quantum Cloud Computing Ensures its Security and Privacy

Businesses are one step closer to quantum cloud computing, thanks to a breakthrough made in its security and privacy by scientists at Oxford University. The researchers used an approach dubbed ‘blind quantum computing’ to connect two quantum computing entities (Figure A); this simulates the situation where an employee at home . . . Read more

Protect Your Business With This Seamless Firewall — Now $150 Off

TL;DR: There’s no shortage of threats to business out there these days, but DNS FireWall can help protect you from cyberthreats. Grab it for $49.97 this week only at TechRepublic Academy. There are myriad digital threats to businesses today, and it’s crucial that decision-makers prioritize cybersecurity. You don’t need a . . . Read more

NVIDIA GTC Keynote: Blackwell Architecture Will Accelerate AI Products in Late 2024

NVIDIA’s newest GPU platform is the Blackwell (Figure A), which companies including AWS, Microsoft and Google plan to adopt for generative AI and other modern computing tasks, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang announced during the keynote at the NVIDIA GTC conference on March 18 in San Jose, California. Figure A The . . . Read more

What the AT&T Outage Can Teach Organizations About Customer Communication and IT Best Practices

On Feb. 22, more than 73,000 AT&T customers in the U.S. reported a network outage lasting more than eight hours. AT&T quickly responded, suggesting customers use Wi-Fi calling, as reported by AP. On the same day, AT&T reassured customers that the outage was not the result of a cyberattack but . . . Read more

New Vulnerabilities in ConnectWise ScreenConnect Massively Exploited by Attackers

Two new vulnerabilities impact ConnectWise ScreenConnect, remote desktop and access software used for support: CVE-2024-1709 and CVE-2024-1708, with the former being particularly dangerous for organizations. The CVE-2024-1709 vulnerability, which affects ScreenConnect 23.9.7 and prior, allows any remote attacker to bypass authentication to delete the ScreenConnect user database and get control . . . Read more