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Google Workspace Marketplace: 4 Tips for Choosing the Best Apps

An Independent Security Verification badge is one indication that an app should go to the top of your list when evaluating options in the Google Workspace Marketplace. If you’re a Google Workspace administrator or user selecting an application from the Google Workspace Marketplace, your first task is to make sure . . . Read more

Apple Security Update Fixes Zero-Day Webkit Exploits

Apple recommends users update to iOS 17.1.2, iPadOS 17.1.2 and macOS 14.1.2. Google’s Threat Analysis Group discovered these security bugs. Apple has patched two zero-day vulnerabilities affecting iOS, iPadOS and macOS; users are advised to update to iOS 17.1.2, iPadOS 17.1.2 and macOS 14.1.2. The vulnerabilities were discovered by Google’s . . . Read more

Kaspersky’s Advanced Persistent Threats Predictions for 2024

Kaspersky’s new report provides the company’s view on the advanced persistent threats landscape for 2024. Existing APT techniques will keep being used, and new ones will likely emerge, such as the increase in AI usage, hacktivism and targeting of smart home tech. New botnets and rootkits will also likely appear, . . . Read more

How to Split Screen on macOS, iPadOS, Windows and Chrome OS Using Keyboard Shortcuts

A visual guide to the keys to press to quickly snap a window to one side — ordered from easiest to most difficult to perform. Lots of tech tasks benefit from side-by-side apps or browser windows. Selecting a system? Take notes in one app with technical specs displayed in another. . . . Read more

How to Use Hidden Browser Window Controls in ChromeOS

ChromeOS users, learn how to use these hidden browser window controls, and find out why you’ll want to use them. ChromeOS offers several ways to efficiently position windows, which means for many purposes you won’t need to manually move or resize browser windows or Android apps. The controls let you . . . Read more

How and Why to Turn Off Battery Throttling on Your iPhone

Apple introduced some battery throttling tech to iPhones to help preserve battery life. Learn how and when you might want to disable this feature to get the most out of your iPhone battery. [embedded content] Apple began rolling out battery throttling to iPhones beginning in iOS 10.2.1. This feature was . . . Read more

Best Mac Password Managers for 2023

Apple’s macOS and iOS include a built-in password management system called Keychain Access, which is supplemented by iCloud and allows for syncing the Keychain between multiple devices. This is a great and simple security solution for many users, but some users require more features in their password manager than iCloud . . . Read more

Stay Focused on Your Commute With This 7” Car Display, Now $90

For older vehicles that don’t have a built-in touchscreen, this car display makes it easy to make calls, check directions, and control music playback. Image: StackCommerce Driving to work is a chore that many of us complete every day. But what if you could make the journey more productive? With . . . Read more