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Sekoia: Latest in the Financial Sector Cyber Threat Landscape

A new report from French-based cybersecurity company Sekoia describes evolutions in the financial sector threat landscape. The sector is the most impacted by phishing worldwide and is increasingly targeted by QR code phishing. The financial industry also suffers from attacks on the software supply chain and stands among the most . . . Read more

New SecuriDropper Malware Bypasses Android 13 Restrictions, Disguised as Legitimate Applications

A new malware is bypassing an Android 13 security measure that restricts permissions to apps downloaded out of the legitimate Google Play Store. A new report from ThreatFabric, a fraud protection company, exposes SecuriDropper malware, which is capable of bypassing Android 13 restricted settings. The malware makes Android consider the . . . Read more

How to Associate an Apple ID with a Second iPhone That Has Completed Setup

Learn how to easily associate an Apple ID with a second iPhone to access all your apps, media and iCloud services seamlessly with this step-by-step guide. There are several reasons you might use two iPhones with the same Apple ID. You might link a second iPhone to your Apple ID . . . Read more

Apple Vulnerability Can Expose iOS and macOS Passwords, Safari Browsing History

This Safari vulnerability has not been exploited in the wild. Apple offers a mitigation, but the fix needs to be enabled manually. Image: ink drop/Adobe Stock Security researchers from three universities have discovered a major vulnerability in Apple’s iOS and macOS, including the Safari browser. The vulnerability, which the researchers . . . Read more

Common Errors When Connecting Multiple iPhones to One Apple ID

Although connecting two iPhones to the same Apple ID has its advantages — including expanding your or a partner’s access to your documents, spreadsheets and presentations — unpleasant surprises can arise such as unintentionally revealing contact and calendar information and mistakenly sending texts from the wrong number. Whenever associating two . . . Read more

Learn How to Protect Your Business With Ultimate Security for $80

Protect your company by learning maximum security practices in this bundle, while it’s available at the best-on-web price of only $79.99. Image: StackCommerce While cyberattacks can create serious long-term challenges for individuals, they can literally bring down your business in a number of ways. According to Forbes, “…every company is . . . Read more

New zero-click threat targets iPhones and iPads

Image: Marcos Silva/Adobe Stock The Moscow-based cybersecurity company Kaspersky says iOS devices are being targeted by a previously unknown malware. The firm discovered the threat while monitoring the network traffic of its own corporate Wi-Fi. Kaspersky is calling the new campaign Operation Triangulation. The campaign report reveals how the attack . . . Read more

How cyberstalkers could access your iPhone using the Windows Phone Link app

Someone who gains physical access to an iPhone or Android phone could use the Phone Link app to spy on the user’s text messages, phone calls and notifications, says Certo. Image: Pungu X/Adobe Stock A Microsoft app that helps people use their Windows PC and iPhone or Android phone in . . . Read more